This brush-dustpan combo is an aesthetically pleasing solution to keep your desk setup clean!

Keeping my desk clean at all times is one ritual I always follow – after all, a clean, decluttered space for working is the basis of prime productivity and has a feel-good factor attached to it.

As a part of my cleaning rituals, I use a soft brush that picks up the dust from the surface of the desk, monitor, and other desk accessories. Unfortunately, once the task completes, the brush hides behind the scenes – either in a drawer or just out of site. Designer Jinwook Lee of the design studio This Is wants to break the stereotype and elevate the dusting brush’s status to a décor object worthy of a place on the desk.

To this end, Jinwook has come up with the idea of O Brush houseware that’s functional and more than meets the eye. It is a cleaning brush and dustpan combo for those who appreciate the perks of keeping their working environment organized. Looking more like some minimalistic gadget – the O Brush opens up to reveal the dustpan and brush for a quick cleaning task. When you’re done, plug the brush into the housing in the dustpan, and keep your visitors guessing as to what the object really is!

The O Brush accessory is something you want right away for your productive workstation setup – functionality and aesthetics-wise. Jinwook’s concept design certainly deserves to meet fruition. So, won’t you like to have this on your desk?

Designer: Jinwook Lee of This Is