Samsung’s bespoke series is the inspiration behind these ergonomic, thoughtful stylus designs

Working from our computers strains more than just our eyes. Sitting for long periods at a time, typing, dragging, and clicking the mousepad often results in finger and hand cramps. Products like smartpens and assistive keyboards are specially designed to take some of the stress off our hands, leading to streamlined and more productive workdays. Korean designer Jo Yoon unveiled their smartpen product idea called Bespoke, conceptualized using Samsung’s Bespoke appliance’s design language.

Draped in a velvety aluminum finish, Bespoke smartpens come in a few different color schemes, spanning from blush yellows to matte blacks. Paired with an accompanying smart notepad, users can write with the Bespoke smartpens on the attached notepad which translates the written text to the computer screen.

Instead of typing from the same hand position throughout the workday, Bespoke smartpens break up the monotony of computer work by bringing a more tactile, ergonomic typing tool. Along the body of each pen, an action button works as a clicker and on/off control.

Taking Bespoke’s ergonomic usability one step further, each smartpen gradually tapers towards its bottom to fit more comfortably in each user’s grip. Yoon also outfitted each smartpen with silicone grips to ensure convenient use throughout the workday without any slippage resulting from palm sweat.

In addition to the smartpen and notepad, Joon conceptualized a Bespoke charger that resembles an inkwell for when the workday slips into overtime. Each charging base comes with its own wire to plug into your computer or laptop, ensuring no power is lost during use, however, the actual charging sink is wireless.

Designer: Yoon Jo

Three small LED lights indicate how much charge remains in each charging sink.

The charging base is wireless.