Panasonic’s Any-Battery Flashlight is a great example of inclusive design


While inclusive design would most ideally be about taking into consideration users of every walk of life, of every culture, race, economic status, whether they’re healthy or not, Panasonic’s Any-Battery Flashlight is inclusive in its own way. Rather than sticking to a single battery standard, this unusual flashlight works with quite literally any pencil battery.

With the ability to run on D, C, AA, and AAA batteries, the Any-Battery flashlight gives you the freedom to use any battery you may have lying around (making it a wonderful place to use spare batteries too). The flashlight shines at 200 lux, emitting a strong beam when needed, and even switches down to 3 lux, turning it into an ambient light for illuminating spaces much like a lantern would. The flashlight comes built with an LED too, allowing you to get as many as 86 hours of illumination at a time!

Designer: Panasonic

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