This edgy bike with Cybertuck-inspired aesthetics could be Tesla’s entry point into the two-wheeler segment

When it comes to anything on wheels, I like them all to be sharp and edgy- barring a few irresistible exceptions. This bike by Colorsponge is just what got my adrenaline rushing for a speedy drive to the outskirts of the city. That definitive edgy character and the semblance of the Tesla Cybertruck influence – boy that’s downright dopamine-inducing for an automotive enthusiast like me!

Although the designer doesn’t make any mentions or hint of any Cybertruck inspirations for the design, this is perfect to go with the futuristic-looking Tesla truck parked in the garage. With a bit of motivation from Ash Thorp and enough cues from the automotive designer’s shape-shifting bike, Colorsponge add this one to the duos M.H.C. Collection. The two creative heads used the Andreas Ezelius model as the base for the build – just like some of their previous bike designs.

According to Colorsponge, the monstrous bike dubbed The Xenotype is a result of his pure gut feel, and an expression of his subconscious in the rawest way possible. The only checkpoint being the requirement to fit the Ducati 916 chassis and engine. It’s got massive rear rime and very sharp aesthetics dominated by geometric triangle shapes – both on the rear and front. In fact, it is s sharp you could cut paper with it.

All that while maintaining a very clean look and a high center of gravity. The slim LED headlights and the taillights give it a very urban riding appeal apt for those who are young and restless. It won’t be amiss to call it a ride made for the Cyberpunk world – the futuristic design certainly gives me that freedom. Certainly a bike you would want to own to make a big impression – especially in that white colorway!

Designer: Colorsponge and Ash Thorp