Rooftop cargo box equipped with solar panel is your ultimate outdoor road companion

An aesthetically pleasing and immensely durable rooftop cargo box with an integrated solar panel and two USB ports to keep your mobile devices juiced up in the wilderness.

For the outdoorsy, stowage offered by their vehicle is generally not enough, the rooftop cargo carrier is, therefore, the next best friend to have. The cargo bag on the roof not only decides how well you can pack the gear for a camping trip or cross country travel – it also decides how pleasing the vehicle looks with it stashed on top. For the merits of both worlds and to provide something extra useful, Yakima has introduced an innovative new rooftop cargo box dubbed CBX Solar.

An exquisite carrying option worth every type of off-road vehicle, the durable CBX Solar with trail-ready aesthetics features an integrated solar panel for charging up to two portable devices when you’re off-the-grid. The premium Yakima cargo box with its interesting blend of modern outlook and functionality features 2 USB ports that can help charge anything from portable devices to camping gear with a USB port.

For the adventurers keeping track, this solar cargo box boasts an angular finish and stealth-like texture on the outside and on the inside offers 16 cubic feet of cargo space. This space is ample to suck in tents, sleeping bags, camping gear or anything else you have to throw into it. A removable torque limiting knob helps fasten the cargo box to the roof rails securely, while a dual-sided opening makes the box really easy to reach out from either side of your vehicle.

Weighing about 60lbs, the CBX Solar has an uncluttered aesthetic to it, which is accentuated further by the rugged solar panel fixed neatly to the cargo box lid that can be secured with a locking mechanism. The integrated solar panel on the box is manufactured by California-based Sunflare. The incredibly light 36-watt panel is designed to withstand the elements and produces 5-volt output that through a pair of onboard USB ports can be used up to power devices so you don’t end up draining power from your vehicle. For the love of carrying things on off-road excursions in style, the CBX Solar retails for $1,399.

Designer: Yakima

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