The MovinGenius envisions a future where there’s a special world wide web for cars

In Mohammad Ghezel’s vision of the future, vehicles communicate with each other, with the road and all the traffic elements on it, and even with a Traffic Center that’s dubbed as the WWVW, or the World Wide Vehicle Web. This allows the vehicles in Ghezel’s vision to avoid bumpy rides, collisions, and even traffic jams, as the cars employ an Anti-Collide System, where millions of cars can swarm together and drive right by each other without any impact. Since everything is in constant communication with a central web just for vehicles, they find their paths with sheer convenience, circumventing past other cars and avoiding gridlocks.

In this future of convenient conveyance, Ghezel’s also designed a smart-car that drives autonomously while also giving you the ability to sit behind the wheel and control it. Titled the MovinGenius, the automobile is absolutely state-of-the-art. Powered entirely by 6 flexible solar panels that sit on the roof of the vehicle, the MovinGenius operates entirely on clean energy that powers its zero-emissions electric motor. On the sides, the MovinGenius is clad with a smart-glass that can go from transparent to highly-tinted in a matter of seconds with the flip of a button. This transition enables riders within the MovinGenius to alternate between an open or a fully-private car experience. The MovinGenius comes armed with two gullwing doors that allow drivers and passengers to board the vehicle. There’s space for 5 people, including an optional driver, who can take reins of the vehicle whenever needed. The seats inside the MovinGenius are fully adjustable too, moving forwards, backwards, and even side to side to give you the seating experience you desire. Seats can even rotate 360° to give you any sort of layout you’re looking for, and the glass has the ability to transform into an interactive smart screen, displaying media directly on the glass itself.

Here’s a look at MovinGenius’s specifications:

• Adds new experiences to its database so it can decide progressively better and faster (machine learning)
• Knows the speed and location of approaching vehicles.
• Can see the vehicles that you can’t see.
• Knows road conditions that you don’t know.
• Mimicking grasshopper Anti-Collide System (millions of them swarm without any collision) avoids collisions.
• Pre-Scanning the road for potholes, bumps and etc. to drive more smoothly.
• IoE, Internet of Everything; all connected devices and data are available anytime.
• Ultrasonic Sensor on Wheels to Measure Velocity and Proximity of nearby Objects
• Pedestrian Detection | Blind Spot Detection | Night Vision | Safe Speed – Lane Change Assistant | Side Impact Alert | Cross Traffic Alert | Foresighted Driving | Safe Following | Adaptive Cruise Control
• Improve urban air quality with Smarter Transportation
• Transform Vehicles to totally Connected Machines
• Call your Vehicle from everywhere at anytime
• 6 Wheels | 4+1 VIP Passengers
• 6 Flexible 110W | 18.5V Solar Panels

Designer: Mohammad Ghezel

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