Art of Luxury Transportation

For many, driving is like therapy – just put on your Zen music and head out to declutter your mind and mend your broken heart. Google and Apple are already hoping to disrupt this with their self-driving car projects, but Mercedes-Benz hopes to notch up the experience with their F 015 Luxury in Motion concept car.

In their own words, they hope to transform cars as a pure means of transport into a private retreat.

Designer: Mercedes-Benz Design


  • Extended Sense sensor system, an intelligent eye that senses the movements surrounding the car. The car acts as a link between the driver and the pedestrian, for example, the large rear LED display can showcase short messages for the traffic behind and the front-facing laser projection can display a virtual crosswalk.
  • To enhance acoustic communication, the car uses sounds and voice prompts.
  • The colored lights indicate the current driving mode – blue for autonomous and white for manual.
  • In case there is a person standing directly behind or in front of the car, an undulating tracking light moves across the display in sync with the pedestrian’s movement as though to say, “I’ve seen you.”
  • A smart system allows the authorized passenger in via the smartphone app or wearable device. Six display screens are integrated into the dashboard, the rear and the side panels. Gestures, eye-tracking and interacting via the high-resolution touchscreens, makes this a luxe experience.
  • Variable seating options with four pivoting lounge chairs, allowing passengers to face each other and sit.