Clothes Hangers + Plastic Bag = Trash Can

Optimally, I would have a plastic trashcan with basketball hoop 10 feet away at all times. Unfortunately, my trashcans typically consist of shopping bags or unused secondary packaging, a reality that gives the Trash Bag Holder from Chen & Karlsson great impact in the context of our makeshift lives. Never mind the holder’s promotion of “re-use” (the best of all the Three R’s), all it needs now is another clothes-hanger above all the rest for the basketball hoop.

Availability: [email protected]

Designer: Chen & Karlsson


  • Carl says:

    To quote Peter Jones from BBC’s Dragon’s Den. (where a concept like this was shown)

    “This does not actually solve the problem. It just prolongs it. It is simply an additional use for the Plastic bag before it finally finds its way to the landfill…”

    This type of re use does not reduce the demand for the bags, which are the problem, in the first place.

    And for that reason ‘I’m Out’

    • carl is dumb says:

      what do you do with your trash carl?

      what do you keep it in? Some magical bag made of air?

      what do you propose instead of a plastic bag to keep your trash?

      you want to keep it in a resusable bag? a reusable bag that costs hundreds of times more to produce than a regular plastic bag in terms of monetary as well as environmental cost and which requires cleaning, which requires the use of water?

      and then what do you do with your trash? reuse it? where does it go? the landfill? and what does it do there? it just lies buried next to your neighbors trash – which was contained in a plastic bag – piled under more bags of trash.

      you are “out” . . . out of touch with reality that is.

      instead of complaining and criticizing, why don’t you suggest a solution.

      • zippyflounder says:

        I just use a plastic bin, dump it into a bigger bin that the trash truck picks up. I do wash out my plastic bin with the hose, pretty simple really.

    • kuan says:

      what are you talking about…..what do you put in your trash can before throwing in the trash?? You mean you don’t reuse the plastic shopping bags, and instead just throw them away…?
      BTW Don’t you think that this thingy is much better than a bucket..

  • Ricky Catto says:

    ooo wow! i like that. so simple and elegant.
    From a design point i think this is great.

    carl, i see your point. I use bags because I eat a lot of fruit and vegtables and if i throw things in the bin without a liner it gets really messy.

    We get these bags every time we go to the supermarket anyway so why not put them to good use? I know i should compost but i live in an area where it is not possible (neighbors are too close).

    good point though.

  • zippyflounder says:

    Its designy, its greeny, it might make some money, does it help in solving the problem….nope unless its made of recyled material and is recycled.

  • Carl says:

    i use a hemp and hessian weave sack that is cleaned in a local lake. WTF??? im being killed here because i want to reduce people’s demand for plastic products? I am not making this up it was on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and it was rejected..FACT

    • Ricky Catto says:

      wow… i think “carl is dumb” is a bit harsh.
      everyone has a different idea of what is important when looking out for the environment. this stuff isn’t so clear cut that you can judge someone so harshly.

      for every product that someone makes there has to be feedback and response in order for there to be constant improvement. Drawing attention to the eco impact of a product is just as important as the aesthetics or the function.

  • Carl says:

    thanks Ricky. the voice of reason. saves me from bringing up 2 design degrees and 10years industry experience..

    • carl is dumb says:

      ah, yes . . . i forgot that after 2 design degrees and 10 years of experience you’re automatically considered a god. show us your portfolio. do you have any plastic saving products?

      why not encourage people to reuse their old plastic bags. it’s not like someone is going to run out and buy new plastic bags just for this product. the fact is, even if they didn’t have this product, it’s still better to reuse their plastic bags as trash bags than to throw them away.

      how are you reducing people’s demand for plastic? by saying that you won’t buy the product? oh right, you’re a god, so everyone should follow in your footsteps. i bet you do use a bag that’s magically made of air to hold your trash.

  • Brian says:

    Like others have said, this solution doesn’t really do anything new – a similar device is used for laundry in hospitals. Also the clothes pin seems too weak to hold some of the heavier trash like food waste. This could be done in steel with molded metal clips for a far more realistic solution though it still would look boring.

    What was wrong with the old solution of a simple can for collecting trash?

    • zippyflounder says:

      because you cant get very many to pay 99.59 for it. It screams “look i am trendy, look i am green and trendy, look i am clueless.

  • Carl says:

    its fruitless to take the subjective argument in asking what i use. it is however objective in criticising a proposal, (that isn’t new), that promotes the continued use of a plastic product that is very bad for the environment. im not claiming to have all if any of the answers but have the foresight to criticize a bad idea when i see it. perhaps ‘carl is dumb’ is hooked in by the green, trendy and clueless aspects of this design. (nice one Zippy)…

  • carl is dumb says:

    this product promotes the RE-use of old plastic bags, not the use of new plastic bags as you imply. no one is going to go out and buy new plastic bags just so that he or she can hook it up to this product.

    perhaps it is trendy, but what’s wrong with being trendy. furthermore, what’s wrong with being green and trendy. as for clueless, not at all. what’s clueless are people like zippyflounder and carl who have nothing more to offer than diatribes of other people’s works without having anything to show for themselves. come on . . . after 10 years of work and 2 degrees, you’re too scared to show off your stuff?

  • Steve says:

    Scared from a person who does not put their own name. That is funny..

    Carl has a point. this is a product that promotes the use of plastic bags. If there were a green alternative to these types of bags it would not be an issue im sure. Plastic is not good for landfill this product uses a plastic component. should that be promoted?
    This site is a great place for such debate. as for Zippy beign scared look here: (if you dare lol)

  • Victor Assis says:

    You know, I’ll go further and say: The only solution for trash, is not producing any. As long as trash is produced, the way you send it away is really the least of the problems. If you use plastic bags to put the trash, you’re also sending more non-biodegradable plastic to the trash, if you put it directly in the bin, you’ll have to wash it later, and use clean water which will get dirty before it goes to the rivers. If you produce trash, you disgrace the planet, that’s it.

    What should be done is recycling all glass, metal, paper and plastic, and using all food waste to produce fertilizer or something like that. Arguing over using or not plastic bags to send your trash away is pointless.

  • ian says:

    whats easier to recycle water (which has been done so since year dot) or plastics (takes over 80 years for one item to go)???

    do the math.

  • carl says:

    Zippy i read your posting and commented on it. i think your comments here are good.

  • Eric says:

    Ya I don’t see the need beyond it looking different than other trash cans. And I agree that the clothes pins won’t hold up much weight even if they are industrial strength – just slip or rip!

  • carl says:

    not to mention the fact that the plastis bag will not be with us for much longer. i hope.

  • George G says:

    On a completely different note, let’s talk about the product itself: I was given one as a gift by a shop owner several months ago, because he refused to sell them anymore. It works okay, so long as you don’t overstuff the bags with too much weight. As inexpensive and clever as the design was, the production material of the item broke easily at the joint between the clips and the stems, sadly making more material for landfill in and of itself.

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