Gadzooks! This fully functional antique cash register has a sliding drawer and is made from over 2000 LEGO bricks!

Built to absolute stunning detail, the LEGO Ideas Antique Cash Register models itself directly on the National Cash Register Model 452 – a popular cashier’s machine from the 19th Century, designed and developed in Ohio at the start of the era of retail businesses. The LEGO variant, however, is the brainchild of a Master Builder who goes by the name of dimexart, and uses a whopping 2055 pieces to come together. Once assembled, dimexart says that the model will be entirely operational, with pushable buttons, a working swing arm, and a slide-out cash drawer with actual LEGO coins in it too!

The Antique Cash Register looks phenomenally like the original. It comes in gold and brown, and sports ornate brass detail-work on the sides and the front. From the looks of it, it’s almost the same size too! Now all it really needs is the signature ‘ka-ching’ sound when you crank the arm on the side to get the drawer to slide out!

Just like all LEGO Ideas projects, dimexart’s Antique Cash Register is currently gathering votes on the LEGO Ideas forum. If the project gathers over 10,000 votes from the LEGO community, LEGO will turn the fan-project into a commercially available box-set that people can then buy and build on their own! You can go cast your vote on the LEGO Ideas site by clicking here.

Designer: Dimexart