Turning Stove To Dinner Table And Around

ENYO is an innovative appliance that brings cooking back to the table. Designed aesthetically with furniture cues, the cook-top fits into a living or dining room, like a glove. The module consists of a freestanding table plus a ceiling element that supports both a timed self-cooking mode as well as a social cooking situation. There is a flexible cooking mat placed centrally and with the help of the projector in the ceiling, you can project and an interactive cooking experience.

The essence is to get everyone involved in the cooking process. Anything that brings in more helping hands! For sure, this broth won’t spoil due to too many cooks!

ENYO is a 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Top 100 entry. You can vote for this or any other entry here. Voting closes today!

Designer: Aaron Wansch