Liven your workspace up with this wall organizer that doubles as a vertical garden!

One of Cliclap’s defining features is the vertical garden module that allows the user to secure their own plant into the wall organizer, using one of Cliclap’s pots, and magnetically attach the pot to the grid wall.

Small spaces can get messy quickly and with stay-at-home orders getting reinforced, busy time spent working from home will only increase. We’re all looking for new ways to keep our workspaces decluttered. Cliclap offers one new way to keep tidy by combining home gardening with office organization. Desks and offices get busier and busier as the workday progresses, which might lead to frequent cause for distraction, loss of focus and productivity, and general chaos and confusion. The debut of Cliclap, a modular, office wall organizer, helps take on all that mess by offering countless combinations for magnetic, wall organizers that can easily be mounted to any solid wall or surface.

Whether you need organization in your office, bathroom, kitchen, or any other room, all you need is a vertical, firm surface to mount Cliclap and then let your organizational needs figure out the rest. Cliclap comes with adhesive backing, four 3M Command Strips, one in each corner, that attaches onto the preferred wall, and then there are a plethora of varying, magnetic modules to choose from and attach to each wall mount, which carries up to 8 pounds. By incorporating the adhesive backing, users can rest easy knowing that no matter what, their walls won’t be damaged, making this the perfect wall organizer for rented spaces such as apartments or workspaces.

Alternatively, Cliclap can be mounted to any wall by using screws, so if it is a more permanent space, Cliclap can hang as long as you’d like. The magnets, once attached to the accompanying wall mount, can hold up to four pounds each and users can choose from different containers to meet your different organizational needs: clips, hooks, pots, writing pads, cork boards, shelving units, document folders, hangers, and trays are some options.

The optional pots come in five variations, including a planter pot. In order to utilize Cliclap’s vertical garden feature, the designers implemented the use of PAFCAL, an organic and recyclable product made from a combination of sponge and ground matter that essentially replaces messy and muddy plant-soil thanks to the sponge material that absorbs water for the plant’s future and consistent nourishment. By using this type of plant-care, Cliclap made it possible to include vertical gardening as one of the functions for this mess-free wall organizer.

It’s easy to get frustrated with the limits that come with tight corners, but the designers behind Cliclap want to help make the most of them. Cliclap is an alternative to traditional desk storage and it hangs on any surface for the long run. So when it comes to organizing your own small space, whether it’s your woodshop in the garage, your art studio in the backyard shed, or your home classroom, Cliclap won’t take up any room on the floor or prime real estate on the desk, or any more than it has to – just that blank space on the wall no one’s using anyway.

Easily mount your Cliclap with 3M Command™ Strips, and then remove your wall grids at any time without leaving any marks!

Designer: Cliclap x Innova