Native Union’s wireless chargers are styled like fashionable home decor!

Look at Native Union’s Marquetry Wireless Charger and tell me that it doesn’t look like a fancy table coaster you’d find at IKEA or Bed Bath an Beyond! That’s always been Native Union’s niche though… the intersection between tech and fashion.

Native Union’s Marquetry range is all about exploring color palettes in their triads. The colors are a marvelous combination of rich hues that complement each other really well, and borrow from palettes found in fashion. Marquetry makes use of navy blues, nude pinks, and even brings style to a combination of different values of gray. Native Union’s Marquetry Wireless Charger comes with a circular design, and is hand-crafted from leather. Sporting the signature Marquetry color combination, the charger looks like decor when not in use, and promptly begins charging your phone the minute you rest it on the dock. The wireless charger isn’t flat either, but rests at an inclined angle, making it easy to use your phone while it’s charging, in both landscape as well as portrait… plus with its output of 7.5W, it should juice your smartphone in absolutely no time, so you can go back to admiring it as what it truly is – a stylish piece of tech-infused decor!

Designer: Native Union