GPS in a Hand Disk

This one’s for those of you who have low or no visibility with the eyes. Blind, sometimes people say. This is what’s known as the “DROP” GPS system, and it’s all hand-held. It uses the 3D dots you might be used to calling braille, here known more as Tactile Display technology, and it all works in conjunction with things such as a cane or seeing eye dog sometimes used by the blind. Smooth sailing on an abstract device.

It’d be interesting to try’n use one of these, blind or sightful, The 3D map of the city is lifted up from the surface of the device and moves as you move, like a compass and with zoom, search, voice command, and everything. All in your palm.

BONUS: I suggest an alternate means marketing this device – as a very sophisticated game of treasure hunter! For grown up kids.

Designer: Allan Sejer Madsen and Lukasz Natkaniec

DROP GPS device for the blind by Allan Sejer Madsen and Lukasz Natkaniec