This Apple device merges AirDrop with an external flash drive for seamless file transferring!

Drop is like your typical flash drive device, except it integrates AirDrop into its operation to be more Apple-friendly.

AirDrop is possibly the most overlooked feature on Apple devices. Everything from entire media libraries to scanned PDFs can be sent from one Apple device to another with the click of a button, cutting out the tedious middle part of file transferring that typically requires multiple emails or extra hardware. Zarruck Taiseer, 3D visualizer and product designer, takes the innovation of AirDrop one step further to create an Apple-inspired file transfer and storage flash drive that can receive file transfers via AirDrop and also hold onto them until they’re ready to be transferred to another device.

Apple devices have their own technical language, so working between two Apple devices is always a walk in the park compared to working between one Apple and another non-Apple device. Incorporating Apple’s design and technical language into his product, Taiseer created Drop to make file transferring and storage between Apple devices even easier. Drop operates as a wireless USB Type C and offline external flash drive and an AirDrop file transfer and Thunderbolt 3 data transfer device. Drop is a standalone Apple-inspired device that operates as a flash drive, storage device, and file transfer cable.

Users can AirDrop files from their iPhones or MacBooks to Drop where the files can be stored or transferred to another, Apple or non-Apple, device. When users have a file they’d like to transfer to and store with Drop, they can AirDrop the file the same way they’d AirDrop media from one iPhone to another. With the file stored on Drop, the user can either keep it for safe storage or plug it into their MacBook’s USB Type C port to open the file on their laptops. Alternatively, users can store files offline using DropDrive, a feature that creates a folder on the user’s iPhone to store media files, where the files remain until Drop is brought back online.

Designer: Zarruck Taiseer

Once the files are received from an Apple device by Drop, users can transfer the files to another device.

Since Drop is an Apple concept, Apple features like FindMy can be used to locate Drop.

The offline external drive feature allows users to send files to a folder on their Apple devices and then send the complete folder to Drop.