Analyzing Movement

There aren’t any portable devices to analyze body movement. Most of them are giant lumbering machines that require whole rooms. A portable device opens doors to numerous commercial applications all thanks to the advent of small accelerometers. Imagine doctors like orthopedists getting valuable information about how you move to determine cause and treatment. One already exists thanks to designer Ricardo Sa Freire and he’s planning another for entertainment, training, and extreme sports. Endless possibilities.

Designer: Ricardo Sa Freire

Portable Movement Analysis Unit by Ricardo Sa Freire


  • bramn says:

    I don’t want to sound rude, but there are already commercial products available to measure body movement: Moven from Xsens:

    It’s used a lot in for instance the gaming industry, with clients like EA. And no, I don’t work at XSens 😉

    • Ricardo says:

      Thanks for the heads up Bramn.
      I came across this product during the research phase, it’s an impressive piece of equipment indeed.
      If you take some time to read the project report you will be able to see similar concept on the initial phase of the development that had to be abandoned for practical and technical reasons. The original aim of the project was to develop a product for the Swedish health care system so it had to be very easy to put on and take off not to mention the sensors that fulfilled our requirements were pretty big. Thanks for your interest in the project.

    • Long Tran says:

      XSENS is great but it’s no where near as portable.

  • AL says:

    or when you’r doing 6!
    cool prj/rendering

  • There’s also software like Mocap, which only needs a camera.

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