This Garmin Edge’s contoured form is designed to blend perfectly with your bicycle frame!

This Garmin bicycle computer takes a detour from the design language for the brand’s current line-up of Edge GPS bike computer for bicycle riders.

Garmin’s Edge line-up gives mountain bikers and cyclists the tactical ‘edge’ when it comes to informed cycling that keeps you on track to your next destination. All this while keeping you safe on the road by warning speedy cars coming from behind, Basically Garmin is at the top of the tree when it comes to the cycling computer market.

There are plenty of models to choose from the Garmin line-up including the Edge 530, Edge 830 or Edge Explore. So how about adding another one to the choice basket in the coming future? Industrial designer WuShuai has thought of a refreshing design for the next Garmin computer for your ride to next get stranded on any hiking trail.

His design has a more contoured aspect to it, the convex display is a telltale indicator of the fact. Being a bike enthusiast himself, Wu wanted to create a softer design language for a future Garmin Edge product. However he himself admits that the screen is more susceptible to breakage in this new form if there is an accidental fall. That’s a story for another day if this design is referenced by Garmin for consideration.

There are a lot of technological advances in glass design for gadgets and achieving a curved edge display while retaining durability. I’m sure reinforcing the structural strength of the glass is not a problem, so we can go to the next logical step of analyzing the overall appeal and the performance of this Garmin gadget.

Just like the predecessors, this waterproof bike accessory will have features including turn-by-turn directions, Cycle Map, automatic re-routing, rider-to-rider messaging, and of course alert about approaching vehicles. As for the design, the rounded look will appeal to most bicycle users as it seamlessly blends into the bike frame’s design.

The designer has also conceptualized the Bianchi x Garmin version for the Garmin Edge 750 Concept which I would surely want to put on my ride. Will Garmin actually come up with such a model in the future – well that’s anybody’s guess right now!

Designer: WuShuai