This weighted jump rope comes with swappable handle weights to boost your workout!

I was ‘today years old’ when I found out that skipping was invented by the Egyptians back in 1600 A.D. Imagine that! It may as well be one of the earliest forms of equipment-led exercise, dating back more than 400 years! There are theories that the rope made its way to Europe, and finally to America thanks to Dutch settlers, but fundamentally the idea of the skipping or the jump rope hasn’t changed… although it certainly has evolved to make it a better, more effective form of exercise.

The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope takes a fun pastime and turns it into a complete high-intensity full-body workout. By incorporating weights into the handles, the jump rope goes from being more than just a cardio tool, and something that really puts all your muscles in your hands and feet to work. The rope even comes with swappable cables of different thicknesses, letting you tweak the quality of your workout and choose between a fast session or a heavy-duty one.

The idea behind the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope was to go beyond the consensus of just a warm-up cardio-tool, according to Matias Hernandez, CEO of Velites Fitness. Boxers, athletes, olympians, and body-builders have all relied on skipping as a part of their training regimen, but here’s the problem with current jump-ropes. Not only do they occupy a small space in workout sessions, they’re (by design) tiny, inexpensive, frail pieces of equipment. The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope remedies that with perhaps one of the most robust rope-builds ever. With handles made from space-grade metal, and rotating elements near the cords (so they don’t tangle), the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope is just built to be better. Moreover, the fact that it incorporates weights into its design makes it more of a ‘serious’ workout product, if that’s something that makes sense. The handles on the Earth 2.0 weigh 200 grams each, and come with the ability to add more weights to them, bringing the overall weight up to 1 kilogram per handle. This really forces you to exert more effort into jumping, as your arms try to manipulate the heavy handles, and your body tries to keep up with this new pace. There are obviously multiple weights to work through, and you can choose which one suits you. The ropes themselves are swappable too, thanks to an easy fixture that lets you switch out ropes, choosing between a thin cable for speedy jump sessions, to an intermediate cable for something more advanced, and even a thick monster cable that’s at par with what experts use.

The entire jump-rope experience is incomplete without the Earth 2.0 training app, which not only introduces to new exercises and techniques when it comes to your jump-rope, but even helps track your workouts, showing you stats at the end of each session. You can program your hardware into the app (telling it which rope or weight you’re using) and even set your own goals for the app to coach you. If you’re wondering how to begin, the app has training levels from a novice to expert levels, allowing you to go from a skipping amateur to someone who can get a full-body work out (with shredded abs to show for it) in just under 20 minutes each day!

Designer: Velites Design

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Velites Earth 2.0 –  Jump Rope Fitness System

The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope is a completely redesigned and reimaged version of the jump rope that you’ve known and loved. It incorporates weights into the handles and rope comes with swappable cables of different thicknesses, letting you tweak the quality of your workout.

Change It Up & See Your Results Skyrocket

With three different cables to choose from and our unique fast switching system, you can go from crushing double unders to extreme muscle building at the drop of a hat.

Achieve maximum speed and agility to conquer the elusive triple under with the 2.5 mm Speed Cable. It’s your best friend when you want to go fast and furious.

The perfect middle ground – the Standard 4 mm cable is the do-everything champion. Ideal for beginners, the added weight increases feedback and has the perfect speed for getting in the “swing” of jumping. For more advanced athletes looking to increase the difficulty level, the Standard Cable provides additional weight to make high-intensity workouts even more effective.

Want to go beast mode? The 8 mm Monster Cable will bring the fire! A true heavy cable for developing muscle and pushing your body to the limits!

Build Strength and Maximize Muscle Gain

Heavy cable not hard enough? If you want to level up the weight, they added handle weights that allow you to tailor the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope to your goal. Increase the total weight up to 5 x in seconds. Take it from 200 grams up to 1kg.

Handle weights provide 9 different combinations to dial-in the perfect amount of resistance. Start with 50 grams and work up to 350 grams extra weight per handle.

Built to Last

Unlike the average plastic jump rope, The Earth 2.0 uses rocket-grade aluminum and stainless steel to build their handles, weights, connectors and cable interiors. They are so confident in their construction that they offer a 2-year guarantee for all handles and weights.

The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope cable is engineered for maximum durability with a flexible but wear-resistant PVC cover that has been field-tested to hold up against multiple surfaces.

Forget Friction, It Spins

Months of engineering and testing went into building a high-tech ball bearing system that’s like no other jump rope on the market. The video above showcases the spinning of the rope.

No Matter Your Height, It Will Work For You

The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope is super easy to adjust. Follow these easy steps shown above and you will be training in no time. All cables are 3.5 m long so they adapt even to NBA players and are easy to cut with regular pliers (even the monster 8 mm cable).

Free Fitness Coach

The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope includes an iOS/Android training app. It’s the portable trainer who fits in your pocket! You’re not left on your own trying to figure things out

Coach Mode: When you need that extra motivation, use the proprietary Coach Mode, which is the voice in your ear (or headphones) that will provide that extra boost of encouragement when you need it most.

Complete personalization: Add your fitness goals and what equipment you have on hand, and you’ll receive customized workout recommendations tailored to your preferences and goals. Use the filter option or configure you profile with the equipment you would like to train with.

Regardless of whether you’ve ever picked up a jump rope before or if you’ve been jumping for years, the NEW Velites Step-By-Step Jump Rope Course designed by World Champion Jump Roper Adrienn Banhegyi will guide you to training success!

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