The ‘MagEasy’ wallet comes with magnetic modules that let you easily organize your belongings

Titled the MagEasy Badge, this nifty little number upgrades the oh-so-boring lanyard into something that’s much more functional, versatile, and easy-to-access. Instead of shoving all your cards and cash into a bifold that sits firmly pressed against your behind, the MagEasy Badge brings everything front-and-center by suspending your belongings around your neck. Ultimately, it still looks like a lanyard, although it contains much more… and if you’re the kind of person who works at a place that requires RFID tap-to-access employee cards, this might just be the most perfect little thing for you.

Designers: LHiDS Creative & Ergomi Design

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MagEasy Hybrid workstation consists of an ID badge holder and a desktop organizer.

Overcome workplace challenges with readiness, orderliness and calmness.

The system declutters your life and clears the way for creativity.

Traditionally, a lanyard has just been a fancy way of strapping an ID or an access card around your neck. It’s an easy way to have people identify you, or systems recognize you and allow you to access parts of a building. The lanyard hasn’t really changed in the couple of decades (or centuries, if you look up Wikipedia) that it’s existed, but LHiDS has a clever idea. Instead of carrying a lanyard with a card around your neck, and a wallet with your other cards in your back pocket, why not merge the two into some sort of super-lanyard that carries everything you need right where you can access it (and potentially prevent a pickpocket from quietly stealing it too).

The custom magnetic modules meet the needs of specific scenarios.

The MagEasy Badge, envisioned by LHiDS Creative and designed by Ergomi Design, sits suspended from your neck, and features a bifold design that’s about as spacious as a wallet. Outwardly, it looks like a lanyard with a card, but to the wearer, it’s much more. It has a dedicated windowed slot for your ID card, as well as additional slots for your payment cards, membership cards, and even a couple of banknotes. It also comes equipped with one of those retractable tether systems, which means you can use your lanyard to tap on RFID machines at work, and can be worn/carried around your neck, by your pant’s belt loop, or even strapped to your bag.

Things get really interesting when you start looking at the ‘MagEasy’ part of the equation. The wallet/lanyard comes with 8 internal magnets that allow it to snap shut, but they additionally also let you easily attach modules to your wallet, expanding its abilities.

Among LHiDS’s ecosystem of magnetic modules exists a phone-stand, a notepad, and even a tiny pocket mirror that you can easily snap on or snap off. The MagEasy Badge’s modules allow you to build your own ‘super-lanyard’ that acts as a mini organizer, holding your cash and cards while also acting as your notepad or mirror (going well above and beyond what your average wallet can do). At the same time, it ensures all your stuff is well within reach – either around your neck or by your waist… or better still, on your desk!

The magnetic feature plays a large role in ‘organizing’ your belongings, not just around your neck, but on your desk too. MagEasy’s organizing system lets you easily snap all your magnetic modules to a vertical board on your desk, almost like you’d attach notes to a softboard or whiteboard. The organizing system is MagEasy’s way of de-cluttering your desk too (aside from your wallet) and putting everything in an organized, easy-to-access format. Aside from being able to snap your wallet/lanyard to the organizing system, you’ve even got stationery-holders, cable-ties, and card-holders, that bring the magic of modular, magnetic design to your life, whether it’s around your neck or at your desk… so you’re 100% productive and organized all the time!

Click Here to Buy Now: MagEasy Badge & MagBoard Set for $59 $94 (37% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!