This firefly-inspired Husqvarna bike balances the comfort of car with the thrill of biking!

Imagining how the dimension of mobility will evolve in the next few years, Haochen gives his imagination wings in the shape of this firefly-inspired Husqvarna Devil S Concept bike.

More often than not, motorbikes are tagged as unsafe since they expose the rider’s body to high-speed dangers in case of an accident. Two-wheelers typically have a very open stance that attracts the young generation and adds to the adrenaline rush. More than anything, the ride should be stylish and match the fashion statement of the young crowd. This inspired Haochen (Wenson) Wei to design a motorbike with a very stylish character and a safe design that’s radically different from what bikes are perceived to be.

The rider sits inside the Husqvarna branded bike as one would typically do in a car, and the doors open to resemble the shape of a firefly. These classy doors, in a way, hug the rider in a safety cocoon which is reassuring at high speeds. While doing this, the bike maintains its edgy looks – perfect for a futuristic ride that young people will find irresistible.

Interiors of the Devil S Concept complement the rider’s needs with all the telemetry and vital information displayed on the side panels on the front. The designer wants this bike of the future to be an equally good city street rider as it is out there in the open patches of the outback. A two-wheeler like this one is destined to be a head-turner – just the right recipe for the youth who want their wheels to be fast and furious.

The side profile of the Devil S is truly devilish with a very balanced aesthetic charm. The rider sits very low as the seating position is secured by the lightweight yet reinforced body of the bike. I hope there are airbags, too, as there is ample scope for that in the enclosed interior. Would a hardcore bike racer fancy this bike? Maybe not, but hey, every new thing has to live with some resistance until it becomes a trend!

Designer: Haochen (Wenson) Wei