New Age In Cooking

The Cyclone Cooking System is quite a contemporary take on existing burners and cook-tops. Integrating high-tech features, you can expect the high-efficiency direct flame burners to make cooking a pleasurable and relatively a faster process. The LED indicator system is especially cool!

  • Turning the knob activates the system, and an indicator light (coming from bottom surface of the knob) illuminates the control areas.
  • Translucent silicon stoppers are highlighted by LEDs that are hidden below the burner plate.
  • The amount of illumination is calibrated to the power being consumed by the burner.
  • If the user supplies full power to the burner, intense light will be seen beneath the knob and on the stoppers.
  • At low power, a less intense light will be seen.
  • The burner in use can be easily detected, even in dark conditions.
  • If any liquid spills from a cooking pot and douses the burner flame, the lighting system will blink continuously. A beeping sound will also alert the user to the situation. All the warning signals stop when the related knob is turned off.
  • A concave base plate collects any spilled liquid at the centre for easy cleaning.
  • The burner plates can be made with stainless steel or cast iron, and shaped as thin sheets or metal blocks. Other parts of the system can be finished with different colours and materials.
  • The high-efficiency direct flame burners can be finished with two kinds of burner capping designs.
  • One has slanted grooves that generate a flame with a rotating movement effect. The other is perforated and produces a smooth flame effect that rises directly from the holes.

Cyclone Cooking System is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner!

Designers: Serdal Korkut Avci & Ali Ihsan Incukur for Arçelik A.Ş. Industrial Design Department