Math Made Pretty

If the shape looks familiar (maybe even scary!), it’s because the Paraboloid Lamp takes the striking shape of the hyperbolic geometric surface you probably saw in your algebra classes. A single globe is nestled in the center of a saddle-like grid of skew lines, creating a diffused glow that moves with the elegant curvature of the structure and peeks through the rhomboidal spaces. The version pictured here teeters on a solid base but flipped it might make an interesting pendant centerpiece.

Designer: Fernando Molas Garcia


  • Oscar says:

    Nice !

  • john says:

    what are the dimensions? and materials?

  • delo says:

    Very nice, good job

  • Fernando says:

    Thank Delo !

  • Fernando says:

    Gracias Oscar !

  • Fernando says:

    Overall height 430 mm
    Maximum width 365 mm

    The surface is painted wooden ribs and handmade ceramic base is

  • Masques says:

    I don’t like algebra, but like the design of the lamp very much. I think i will buy it 🙂

  • fernando says:

    Marques Hello, I’m glad you like the design of the lamp although not please you math!

  • David says:

    Sorry, no offence guys, but this lamp is so wrong.

    Lighting design it’s not about to put a light to something and make a lamp of it, adding a light bulb to some object doesn’t make a lamp of it.
    Look at this lamp base, its shape has nothing to do with that paraboloid grid, there isn’t any morphological relationship bitween these two parts.
    The bulb is totally uncovered on the top and if we think about almost non-existent height of the lamp, its light will make us blind, unless we put the lamp on the fridge, cupboard or any high furniture at home.
    And what is that small neck between the base and the grid? no comments!

    Who’s speaking? An industrial design professional.

  • fernando says:

    Hi daniel

    Thanks for commenting. I think the best way to improve is to expose yourself to criticism from others.

    Meeting reason for your observation of “neck”. I do not agree with the lack of harmony between the base and the grid. The power of the light is soft and I assure you that does not dazzle.

    Furthermore who said the rules of which it is a lamp and what is not?

    I want to clarify that I acpto all critical and I would like to see your designs!

    Attached is a photo in the link below with another version.


  • fernando says:

    Sorry I meant David

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