This Transforming Robotic Furniture Going From Bed To living room setup Is The 2021 Investment We Need!

This past year has seen some pretty innovative work from home office solutions. But working from home is not all about work! In fact, the majority of our time oscillates between procrastination and clearing up home space to resemble that Instagram influencer’s tidy organized, and matching home setup. Fluffing cushions, folding throws, and making the bed is the first step that, if skipped, causes a residual tension you feel every time you walk past that untidy living room space and one thing’s for sure, you don’t need that!

Meet Ori’s latest bed that drops any time you want to drop! We love furniture design that saves space because space/building efficiency is key to climate change. Ori, an MIT-based startup has been a key factor in helping us look at designs a new way, Ori’s Cloud Bed, Sofa edition is giving us our Instagram goals, without the folding up you don’t want to do! Accurately called Cloud Bed because it drops from the ‘skies’ when you wish to sleep, this innovative piece can be a game-changer for tiny homes, urban apartments, and more. Logic dictates that for any person, only one product will be in use at a time – either their bed or the couch. Keeping this in mind, Ori’s bed hides in the ceiling when not in use during the day and reveals a complete living room setup underneath it – a couch as well as a matching coffee table. No more making the bed needed!

Brooklyn-based brand, Ori, adds this ceiling bed to complete its range of expandable closets and offices which are all created around the notion of minimizing space while maximizing functionality and never compromising on the aesthetics! Taking inspiration from the Japanese art of Origami, Ori is the need of the hour and finally gives you an easy way to Netflix, chill, and sleep without cramping on your tiny couch!

Designer: Ori

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