This slinky planter is a throwback to the iconic 1940’s toy and we need them!

Richard James invented the classic toy which has become a symbol of our childhood memories. Bucharest-based designer Andreea Cornila pays homage to the toy with Slinky, a plant stand shaped like a vertical coil spring. Slinky can be both a floating stand for your beloved plants or take the form of a sleek side table with a soft matte surface. Each planter is hand-spun from a single sheet of aluminum while the spring is made from an elastic type of steel.

The CMF is minimal, organic, and timeless with the various height springs and the light gradient paint job that makes it a perfect fit for any indoor or outdoor setup. “The shape and motion of the Slinky toy fascinate me, as it offers a multitude of expressive silhouettes that I wish to explore and capture further in my upcoming collections,” says Cornilia. Slinky’s versatile components can also be combined separately, allowing its user to interact directly with the collection, it is a nominee for the The Isola Design Awards which aims to empower designers to be innovative in their products and design processes by experimenting with existing technologies as well as creating new ones. They award prizes in four categories: Furniture & Product Design, Innovation In Design, Sustainable Design & New Materials, Smart Living & Mobility Design – all verticals that are needed as we go from solving the pandemic crisis to the climate crisis.

The ISOLA Design District team is genuinely committed to work with designers and give them a platform that is about them/the design instead of just being an honorary badge on their portfolios – it’s the design award show we have always wanted to see!

Designer: Andreea Cornila