This modular storage on wheels can cover all of your drawer needs

If you ever thought that you could never have enough drawers, this wooden cabinet might have you rethinking your position.

The number of objects in our lives and in our houses is never a constant figure. It constantly fluctuates, growing and shrinking with the changes in our work, hobbies, passions, and families. That’s why we need to be smarter about the storage solutions that we buy these days, taking into account these ever-changing situations rather than simply buying one and wastefully throwing it out when they no longer meet our needs. That is what makes modular furniture quite the fad among designers and homeowners these days, but this particular modular solution takes storage to the extreme by having drawers that can open on every side.

Designer: Theresa von Bodelschwingh

“Sesame” is almost a fitting name for this rolling container because of the way it opens up a magical world of space for your stuff. Every side, every face, and every level of this rectangular box can have a drawer to stash your tools, papers, work, and everything in between. And if you feel those weren’t enough, you can add even more drawers. But when the time comes that you feel those are too much, you can simply remove the ones you want.

The secret to this modular system is magnets embedded in the top and bottom panels of these wooden drawers. That allows the easy addition and removal of panels, letting you place them in whatever position or orientation you want. The containers can be opened in both directions, so you aren’t restricted in how you arrange these puzzle pieces.

Indeed, the Sesame system is like a block puzzle because each piece isn’t a single uniform size. The boxes follow standard paper sizes, specifically DIN A3, A4, A5, and A6. Given how these paper sizes are designed to fit into each other, you will be able to mix and match sizes, knowing that you’ll always end up with an even number. Presuming that’s how you want to roll, of course. You can simply stack boxes on one side like a pyramid, turning the storage solution into a room decoration at the same time.

The Sesame Rolling Container checks almost all the boxes of mobility, modularity, and even sustainability. Its unique size system makes it trivial to store any kind of document, including large A3 blueprints and drawings. The container itself is already an organization system, where you can devote one side to work and another to personal stuff. Its size and mobility make it perfect for smaller spaces like home offices or studios. And best of all, you wouldn’t be stuck with what you have at the moment since it can grow with you and shrink to your changing requirements. It opens a whole new world of organization and storage, a world that someone will hopefully make a reality that you can buy soon.