This beautiful accordion-inspired ambient light has the elegance of a decorative Origami folding fan

Like a phoenix spreading its wings as it glows in flames, the OMLAMP’s folding illuminated ‘wings’ open up to reveal its hypnotic elegance! A wooden body, with two flaps on either side, the OMLAMP looks like an unassuming little block when closed. Open the flaps, however, and the handmade origami lampshade within reveals itself. The OMLAMP is sort of the antithesis to the ‘viral’ sunset lamps that every millennial seems to own today (sorry, I find those sunset lamps incredibly annoying). The OMLAMP comes with a beech/walnut wood body with a hand-folded paper lampshade, giving it a handicraft personality that doesn’t feel mass-produced.

Designer: Ming Luo

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The flaps open fully and join at the top, creating a pleated paper circle that illuminates from within, with a brass dimmer knob that lets you adjust its brightness. The flaps are individually adjustable, which means you can either open just one flap, or open both (to create an oriental fan), or even open them halfway.

The lamp has no top or bottom, which means it can be placed in a variety of orientations, giving the OMLAMP a versatility that just makes it all the more engaging, aesthetic, and fun! Place it on a desk, a shelf, in a corner, or your window, in any orientation, and the lamp does the two things it does well – illuminates your space with ambient diffused light, and looks incredibly pretty while doing so!

The lamp’s shade uses a waterproof, tearproof Tyvek paper that’s perfect for its application. The Tyvek folds wonderfully without tearing or fraying, and has a unique fibrous composition that looks beautiful when the internal LED light shines through with its warm yellow glow. OMLAMP offers a plain white paper option along with a patterned one too, fitted within either a light beechwood body or a dark walnut wood body.

The lamp comes with a clean, minimalist design, sporting simply a brass label on the top, and a brass dimmer knob on the bottom to match. It works wirelessly, with a battery that lasts between 4-6 hours on a full charge… and a nifty little USB-C port on the side lets you easily recharge your OMLAMP when you’re expecting guests over. They’re sure to notice, admire, and even interact with it!

The folded paper is installed on the bracket, and then a paper lamp full of art is created.

Click Here to Buy Now: $52 $79 (34% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!