Power Wherever You Want It

Powerstrips, outlets, cables; ugh it’s a mess! Even tho we live in an age where convenience is king, it seems there’s never the exact length extension cable you need. And how about that power outlet way in the corner? Who thought anybody would plug anything there? With Free Lines, choice is king and that means having your outlets where you want them without messy strands of cables left in its wake.

This is accomplished thru a series of modular outlet blocks and cables that snap on to one another. The end result nets you clean wiring and the exact amount of outlets you need for said area. Never again be left scratching your head wondering how your careful use of twist ties and rubber bands left such a tangle mess behind the entertainment center. Those cables man, I swear some magic cable elves must be lurking behind there tangling everything while you’re asleep.

Designer: Sung-hun Choi