Modular home fitness equipment also serves as a low table when not in use

There has been a rise in interest in personal fitness in the past few years, which naturally meant a rise in home fitness equipment products as well. This category was once populated by treadmills and stationary bikes, but there is also a variety of other machines or designs that try to assist in a number of exercises. Many of these pieces of equipment take up a lot of space in your home or might be too complicated to use. On the other hand, smaller exercise tools usually cover one or two exercises only, forcing you to buy other kinds that will end up taking up just as much space. There are quite a few fitness products that try to condense all these things into a more compact design, but this rather creative solution approaches that problem from a different angle and allows you to use it as a piece of furniture on days you’re not exercising.

Designer: TRUS

One of the few advantages of going to a gym is the availability of different machines that exercise different parts of your body. That variety is hard to pull off at home with single equipment that focuses on only two or three types of exercises. It might be impossible to really fit all the exercise machines into a single piece of equipment, but there are certain ways to deliver the same kind of workout by using different movements instead.

The TRUS Box uses that principle and gives it a slightly different twist. At first glance, it looks just like a low coffee table or shelf, which is actually part of its appeal. In reality, however, it separates into different parts that you can reconfigure and connect with different accessories to allow you to perform different sets of exercises that cover cardio, strength, aerobics, and everything in between.

For example, if you take one of the top wooden panels and attach the removable feet under it, you get a low stepping board. If you run one of the resistance ropes under it, you can start doing biceps curls instead. The main body can be used as a jumping box, for bench pushups, and more. There’s definitely a lot of flexibility in how you can mix and match pieces for different exercises while also using some parts on their own, such as the door anchors for curls and presses.

As mentioned, you can also use the TRUS Box as a piece of furniture, though you’ll definitely have to make sure that the wooden surfaces are clean before placing food or drinks on top. The box also acts as a storage bin for the exercise bar, ropes, and anything else that can fit. The compact size of the box makes it possible to even stash it inside the car trunk if you ever want to work out elsewhere. The versatility of the design makes TRUS an interesting product, not just because of the exercises it enables but also because it lets you reuse the space that it occupies for something else.