Compact, portable gas stove eliminates wire mesh, making it easy to clean after camping outdoors!

Camping is a great activity to venture out from your comfort zone into an environment that’s different. If your next awesome expedition is leading you to colder locations, it’s befitting to pack a portable gas stove along so the effect of temperature variation is minimized and you’re cozy irrespective of the weather outside the tent. Camping heater is a tried and tested domain where a range of manufactures have conceptualized their own variations. Once dependent on wood-fired stoves, the industry has evolved into portable gas stoves, yet design progress remains attainable.

A gas stove designed with motifs of a cart has been conceptualized by a Seoul-based designer to that accord. Dubbed “HAUL”, the minimalist gas stove is perceived in an inviting color combination, has a brilliant overall design, which relies on the convenience of portability and eliminates the metal mesh from the heating surface. The highlight of the HAUL, as the designer mentions is its neat design. The stove is redesigned sans “protruding wire mesh,” which is a disadvantage with conventional gas stoves. In addition, the compact heater is designed to be lightweight and has an integrated stable stand and a carry handle. The interesting red and white gas stove has a rotating knob on the top for temperature control and ignites the stove or turns it off when not required.

The gas heater comes with a simple clip-in gas canister that goes into its compartment at the back of the HAUL and is convenient to install and replace. We are not sure of what material the designer intends to deliver the gas stove in, but going by the design we are sure, it will ensure hassle-free installation and deliver instant heat to cozy up your tent or tiny house the moment you get it out of the car boot!

Designer: mun__design