Gaming Furniture Designs to transform you from an amateur to professional gamer!

A gamer is only as good as his/her gear! A great gamer always has a team of trustworthy and failproof products to get them across the finish line, and good gaming furniture makes it to the top of the list! An ergonomic and well-designed gaming chair and table can be quite literal game-changers. And we’ve curated some of the very best we’ve come across! From a Swarovski studded gaming chair to a VR treadmill that promises the ultimate immersive gaming experience at home – these gaming accessories will function as the perfect sidekicks to professional gamers!

The Omni One by Virtuix is a virtual reality treadmill that’ll allow gamers to walk or run in 360-degrees inside video games and other virtual environments. The possibilities with Omni are unmatchable – it not only lets you walk but even jump, kneel, and crouch in the gaming world by mimicking the action on the treadmill in real life. Gamers who’ve tasted the VR flavor would have heard the name Virtuix before. The start-up is currently selling a commercial version of the Omni – “Omni Pro” – to entertainment venues in over 45 countries. Now, Virtuix is coming for the first time to our homes with Omni One treadmill aimed at pushing the bounds of in-home entertainment previously set by VR headsets. Slated to debut in the second half of 2021, the omnidirectional treadmill will let you feel you’re physically in a virtual world, while really sweating it out in the comfort of your home – whoever said exercise needs to be boring!

Vertagear teamed up with Swarovski to design this blinged-out gaming chair! Named PL4500, this stunning chair has been studded with crystals and amped with features such as the HygennX Coffee Fiber Padding, Silver Lining Embroidery, upgradable RGB kits, 3D adjustable armrests, and etc. Priced at $600 USD, this luxurious chair will be out soon!

Since IKEA themselves are amateur in gaming, they have partnered with Asus gaming accessories sub-brand Republic of Gamers (ROG) to design the highest-grade hardware and gear for demanding gamers who settle for nothing but the best. In total, there are 30 products in six product families in the IKEA range, right from gaming desks, chairs and drawer units to mouse bungee, neck pillow, and ring light. The new content is spread across six product families – HUVUDSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UPPSPEL, and LÅNESPELARE. The UTESPELARE and MATCHSPEL make up the gaming chairs with features such as back tilt, pockets for magazines, and adjustable headrest and armrest. The UPPSPEL range is the ROG-designed height-adjustable desk with a powerful mechanism for choosing just the right level. In contrast, HUVUDSPELARE and UPPSPEL are contemporary desks, and the CPU stand.

Priced at $449, the MAGNUS Metal Desk has been paired up with magnetic cable-management accessories (you’ll have to purchase those separately) that you can attach to the desk. The accessories include magnetic cable holders that can prevent your phone charger from falling off and custom-cut magnetic cable sheaths that can be attached to the desk legs, instantly making those eyesore-like wires vanish! The desk has also been amped with a cable tray that can be used to store cables as well. Another interesting feature of the desk is the Magpad Desk Mat! Crafted from leatherette, the full coverage desk mat can be magnetically anchored onto the desk. The mat makes it easy to customize the desk according to your personal preferences, and also feels super smooth to touch!

Razer Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair Min-Liang Tan

Razer Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair Min-Liang Tan

If it sort of looks like an angry cobra with its hood flared, ready to strike, know that it’s completely intentional. The Razer Iskur X is yet another addition to the company’s reptile-inspired gaming gear. The ergonomic throne is calibrated for the most comfortable gaming experience, with a durable multi-layered synthetic leather-clad, high-density cushioning, 2D armrests, and fully adjustable recline, tilt, and height. It’s also $399, putting it slightly on the expensive side… although not as expensive as Logitech x Herman Miller’s $1,595 gaming chair.

Called the Rival Rig gaming chair, it is the perfect bridge between the physical world and the virtual world – giving the users a functional sensory input while being utterly comfortable. An ideal proposition for streamers and Esports professionals indeed. The idea is to analyze the player’s movements and adapt to their sitting position for a weightless feeling sans any physical stress during long hours of casual or professional gaming. This adaptive stance leads to sustained performance of the player not limited by physical or mental stress. Rival Rig is embedded with sensors that detect the rise in body temperature and then beam cool air to the particular area. They call it the Microclimate Control System.

This behemoth of a chair is designed for the most comfortable gaming experience, with a race car-style seat with controls that allow you to lean forward, backward, adjust the seat’s height, recliner angle, and leg-rest angle… you know, like a dentist’s chair, but one that gives you a different sort of adrenaline rush. The futuristic scorpion-inspired gaming throne called The Acer Predator Thronos comes with a swiveling keyboard tray and a moving rear arm that holds three high-resolution curved displays practically giving you the power of panoramic vision while gaming.

This coffee table doubles down as a gaming console and it is exactly what we need while staying home in 2021. An homage to retro gaming machines and furniture enthusiasts, this coffee table is one of its kind. Swedish designer Love Hulten has created a slim slide-out console with 2-player arcade joysticks & push-button gaming controls. It is inspired by the old-school gaming arcades and includes the big buttons as well as a joystick that is also a knob for the coffee table. The custom-crafted table features a wireless gaming system that connects with your smart TV for modern yet classic home gaming. With a classic American walnut and brass aesthetic, the table’s form will appeal to most and allow it to blend in any interior style.

Designer Matthew Midir paid homage to CD Projekt’s Night City by bringing its retrofuturistic landscape to a limited edition Couchmaster called CYPUNK. Couchmaster CYPUNK comes decked out with high-tech thermal print panels that feature scenes and props from Cyberpunk’s gamescape like the slick DeLorean DMC-12 parked amongst the neon street lights of Night City. In addition to the Cyberpunk-themed, memory-foam-cushioned siding, Couchmaster CYPUNK comes equipped with an extra source of power, originally made for Couchmaster’s CYCON2, that connects the couch-desk to your PC so that no matter how long or hard you play, the game will operate smoothly without lagging or connectivity issues.

This dope workstation cum gaming rig is designed by Jubilee Furniture, the designer of the popular Hariana Tech Smart Bed – I still wish I could own it somehow, albeit the sky-high price tag of $2,999! Compare the Talon Space Gaming Furniture to the bed (in terms of dollars I’ll have to slash out), and I realize it is just a pipedream. it’s worth a mind-numbing $ 6,799. That said, the sci-fi workstation puts focus on the proper circulation of blood and visceral pressure, to prevent any long-term effects of working on long hours on your PC or gaming. The whole rig is designed in a way to address the constant load on the cervical spine and the lumbar vertebrae. Besides all the health benefits, the functional gaming station boasts a futuristic design making you feel suspended in a space capsule.