This bottle purifies your water and self-cleans using UV technology

The purpose of the Mahaton Bottle can be described as two-fold. With a UV-LED embedded in its lid, Mahaton gives you the assurance of pure, sterilized water that doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria in it, while its slick, beautiful design provides an alternative to plastic throw-away bottles that aren’t just harmful for the environment, but are bad for you in the long run too. Designed to be pure and permanent, Mahaton keeps your water clean all the time, sterilizing not just the water but also the bottle itself against bacteria from the air around you, or from sharing your bottle with someone else.

Its clean, white, minimal design is practically indicative of its clean, clinical abilities. The bottle, made of stainless steel, comes with a white outer finish to match the white BPA-free plastic cap. The cap houses the UV-LED sterilization unit within it, that shines into the bottle, reflecting around its metallic finish to kill any microorganisms in your water, as well as removing any bad odor. The state-of-the-art 275nm ultraviolet light can easily kill any bacteria in your bottle in 90 mere seconds, giving the assurance of purity every time. A switch on the top of the cap allows you to toggle the sterilization, while the bottle itself comes with a unique wireless-charging base that makes the bottle effectively waterproof and also helps you recharge the Mahaton’s UV unit easily.

Mahaton’s purifying feature gives it an edge not just over plastic bottles but over metal thermoses too. While the main selling point of a thermos is its ability to retain the temperature of the liquid within it, Mahaton’s double-wall construction does that and more. Not only does it keep your beverages hot or cold, it keeps them pure, killing off any bacteria or viruses that may have been lingering in them. Designed to be your everyday bottle, the Mahaton comes with a capacity of 350ml, enough for a ‘Starbucks Tall’, or for a couple of hours-worth of water. Its understated style is an exercise in minimalism as well as an indication of the pure ethos of the bottle, while the wireless charging ability means you can easily recharge your bottle’s ability to sterilize itself at home, or even at work!

Designer: Mahaton

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Mahaton Bottle – Wireless Charging and Water Purification in One

The world’s first wireless charging self-cleaning water bottle, inspired by modern architecture. Keeping your water pure and odorless.

Water bottle that stays sterilized and keeps the water inside as pure as it gets—at all time!


The sterilize feature is what Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle all about. The mercury-free UV-C LED technology from Silicon Valley produces a 99.99% sterilization of Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle and water.

With UV-C light at 275nm, it effectively destroys bacteria DNA and RNA strand. Even NASA is using this technology to sterilize their water in space.

With FDA, CE and SGS certifications, the UV-C LED deep UV disinfection technology was first used by NASA to sterilize space gloves and allow astronauts to drink pure water. Now, this technology is family-friendly and within your reach.

High on Aesthetics

Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle is not just a regular thermos flask. As a personal item, we like to use things that align with our style and interest.

Mahaton’s design is inspired by modern architecture featuring beautifully smooth and straight forward lines, and gray meranti color system.

Wireless Charging System

Wireless charging technology to this genuinely unique thermos to make it even more convenient and practical for your needs.

An Alternative to Plastic Bottles

Mahaton is a non-toxic disinfection water bottle, which keeps itself sterilized while not releasing any chemical substance. Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle uses green technology to help us protect our planet.

Below: How it Works

What Comes With The Mahaton Bottle

Wireless Charging

– Mahaton bottle uses innovative wireless charging technology
– High-performance polymer lithium battery
– A new charging experience

UV-C LED sterilization Technology

– Mahaton bottle contains a 275 nm deep UV chip It can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and odor
– Our goal is to provide the world’s greenest, mercury-free, and convenient water purification solution

Vacuum Stainless Steel, Thermal Insulation Technology

– Double-wall electropolished stainless steel
– Hot water can reach a suitable temperature after 5 hours

Intelligent Activation, Worry Free Safety Feature

– Water purification at a touch of button
– Auto-stop safety feature applies when opening the lid during purification process

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $65 (32% off).