This workstation + gaming chair’s zero-gravity position is tailored for the ultimate WFH regime

Accept it or deny, working from home is more or less become a norm in the present and the uncertain future for the new generation of people. Being a professional content creator I can relate with the disadvantages hooked on to constantly working in front of the screen. It can have adverse effects on the body posture and overall well-being if not done right. The Talon Space Working and Gaming Station (All In One Working and Gaming Chair) addresses that in style, comfort, and everything good you can think of while performing your daily tasks. This dope workstation cum gaming rig is designed by Jubilee Furniture, the designer of the popular Hariana Tech Smart Bed – I still wish I could own somehow, albeit the sky-high price tag of $2,999!

Compare the Talon Space Gaming Furniture to the bed (in terms of dollars I’ll have to slash out), and I realize it is just a pipedream. it’s worth a mind-numbing $ 6,799. That said, the sci-fi workstation puts focus on the proper circulation of blood and visceral pressure, to prevent any long-term effects of working on long hours on your PC or gaming. The whole rig is designed in a way to address the constant load on the cervical spine and the lumbar vertebrae.  Besides all the health benefits, the functional gaming station boasts a futuristic design making you feel suspended in a space capsule. The key here is the zero gravity recliner crafted to suspend your body in a natural posture – the feet elevated in alignment with the heart for weightless sensation. This aids in relaxation and relieving all the tension developing in the muscles during the course of work. Of course, it has the in-built hip massage and heating function too in the chair.

Juicing up your gadgets won’t be a bother in this gaming workstation courtesy of the USB ports on the elliptical base located on the armrests. For gaming goodness, the ergonomic chair has Bluetooth surround sound speakers located on both sides and triple panoramic LED screens. This former bit is also good for music lovers who listen to their favorite focus music during creative curations – just like me!

Designer: Jubilee Furniture