Milo x LEICA children’s camera introduces kids to photography in a fun, intuitive way!

Children are curious. I genuinely believe kids learn more from copying everything we do rather than what we say. And they want to copy us by using the same gadgets we do. For example, my husband picked up his passion for photography from his dad. His dad’s love of tinkering with cameras and picture taking converted this into a lifelong of passion for his son. Understanding this inherent need to pass on our love to our children in a constructive way, Milo x LEICA is a camera that encourages fun, intuitive exploration in children of all ages.

LEICA is known for creating bespoke cameras that are almost collectible. While this clashes with the idea of handing them over to a kid, the quality of the output they deliver are sure to encourage the kids into taking up this hobby with increased frequency. The form of the camera is designed to encourage exploration – with soft rounded edges and a viewfinder that resembles a donut. The design names the viewfinder the visual inspection tool – letting the kid peek through it to discover the world they want to click a picture of. The aesthetics use a soothing yet vibrant white-yellow combination, sparking joy in all they do. Functionality-wise, the camera has a viewfinder, a button to click, a battery level indicator, and a lot that shoots the printed paper out once we click the photo.

Instant cameras are the gatekeepers of our memories. In a world going quickly digital, each printed picture is a gateway into a memory that we can cherish more often. The Milo x LEICA lets us do just that, making photography a fun activity and allowing your child to click pictures that go on and decorate your fridge every day!

Designer: Yang Lei with Yifeeling Design