This tiny smart-device that controls your curtains with voice commands is up for a MAJOR Prime Day discount

It’s rare to come across a good idea that no one’s thought of yet… that’s simple, sensible, and most importantly, feasible. The SwitchBot Curtain appeared somewhere on my Instagram feed a week ago, and I scrolled right past it, paused, and scrolled right back just to get a better look. Here’s a product that’s perfect for lazy people, for technologically inclined people, for elderly people, and for people who prioritize home security. What’s the SwitchBot Curtain? Well, it’s a Kickstarter success story, but more specifically, it’s a tiny smart robot that sits on your curtain rod, and can push or pull open your curtains for you using simple voice commands, or better still, your alarm clock.

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Debuting in 2019, the SwitchBot Curtain went on to win the Good Design Award in 2020, become a finalist at the IDEA 2020 awards, and raise nearly $1.5 million dollars for its simple, sophisticated, and universally appealing idea – If you’re starting your morning with a machine to wake you up (your alarm clock), a machine to make you coffee, and a machine to cook your toast, you might as well have a machine that opens your curtains for you! The Switchbot Curtain is a smart robot that universally fits onto any curtain rod, maneuvering the curtains open on command by sliding left or right.

SwitchBot Curtain runs on an app, but even supports voice commands via your phone or smart speaker, effectively allowing you to have your own “Let there be light” moment by commanding the curtains to open at will. Support for IFTTT integration and Shortcuts lets you sync SwitchBot Curtain with your alarm, or with the time of the day (thanks to the bot’s in-built light sensor) which effectively means you can set various control parameters for your curtains – for example, shutting the curtains in the afternoons when it gets too warm, or even connecting them to your home security system so they either draw shut or open to deter criminals when you’re not at home.

Lastly, if you’re more of the traditional kind, a SwitchBot Remote lets you use a wireless switch to control your curtains. The compact switch can either be glued to a wall or placed on your bedside table for ease of use, giving you multiple ways to control your curtains.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of the SwitchBot Curtain (aside from its idea) is its universal design. Made to retrofit on 99% of curtain rods (even U-rail and I-rail ones), the SwitchBot Curtain comes with a variety of modules/attachments to give it universal functionality.

Once you’ve set your SwitchBot Curtain on the rod (which takes under 30 seconds), a powerful internal motor can exert pressure that moves curtains that are as heavy as 8 kilos (17 pounds)! Just hide the robot behind the pleats of your curtain and its compact design makes it look like the curtains are moving autonomously. If you’ve got two curtains on a single rod, SwitchBot’s starter pack lets you control both curtains independently or together… and the SwitchBot app gives you all controls right at your fingertips.

The SwitchBot Curtain runs on a small yet powerful battery that can operate for 8 full months with optimal use. You could periodically charge the battery via a regular charging cable, or better still, attach SwitchBot’s tiny solar panel to it to supply it with endless power!

The award-winning SwitchBot Curtain was successfully funded last year and shipped to over 9000 backers. It’s up on the SwitchBot website for a special Prime Day discount, so you can go grab yourself a pair. Not only does it save you effort and energy, it even saves electricity bills by being able to automatically close the blinds when your room gets too warm, reducing the amount of energy your air-conditioner needs!

Click Here to Buy Now: $106 $198 ($92 off). Hurry, only during Prime Day!