Handheld steam cleaner can disinfect surfaces, eliminate odors, and de-wrinkle clothes with zero chemicals

Move over, Dyson. The SUMJet’s dry steam technology can do everything from sanitizing surfaces to removing wrinkles from clothes… and at $109, it won’t break the bank either.

With the ability to shoot out steam at 320°F, the SUMJet promises to be the ultimate handheld appliance. Using just dry steam (hot air with a much lower percentage of water molecules), the SUMJet provides a 100% chemical-free way to kill microorganisms, eliminate fungi, dust mites, and bedbugs, and sanitize surfaces. The dry steam also ensures that you can use the SUMJet on wooden surfaces without worrying about moisture ruining your furniture, and you can even use it on clothes, ironing them the way a garment steamer would, but much more effectively and without your clothes getting damp.

Designer: SUMJet

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Designed to be a handheld appliance quite like a hairdryer or barcode scanner, SUMJet comes with a base that holds 3oz (90ml) of water and a trigger that deploys the dry steam. It takes roughly 2 minutes for the water to get heated to the right temperature once your SUMJet is plugged in, and all you need to then do is point it and press the trigger. The SUMJet works on cushions, pillows, curtains,, mattresses, tables, door handles, carpets, clothes, and even shoes. It deploys Superheated Ultra-fine Mist (that’s what the SUM in SUMJet stands for) at temperatures of 320°F that sanitizes, kills mites and bedbugs, de-wrinkles, and deodorizes without any chemicals. Its gaseous nature allows it to reach places where brushes, solvents, and sprays cant, cleaning those hard-to-reach areas in your house, garden, garage, and even your car. The SUMJet isn’t wireless so you’ll just need to make sure you have an outlet nearby.

SUMJet is dry and moisture-free. It evaporates quickly and will not get your items wet.

The SUMJet’s biggest upsell is its ability to use what’s called ‘dry steam’. While that may sound like marketing jargon for the most part, dry steam is in fact hot air with smaller, fewer water particles suspended in them. This steam has the ability to hold its temperature for longer (unlike wet steam that cools off almost immediately after passing through air), making it perfect for sanitizing surfaces and neutralizing germs that can’t survive hotter temperatures. Unlike with wet steam, SUMJet’s dry steam uses smaller water particles too, which allows it to effectively clean and de-wrinkle thicker clothes like coats, blazers, layered dresses too (something a regular iron or garment steamer wouldn’t be able to do effectively).

SUMJet is ultra-fine, its smaller molecule size enables it to penetrate thicker clothes and fabrics. Dry steam cleaning and ironing become easier and more effective.

Unlike traditional dry cleaners, the mist generated from SUMJet is both finer and hotter. As water is superheated to 320°F (160°C) and sprayed out, the SUM will travel through the item and obliterate everything from mud dirt, oil, sauce stain, mold fungal, dust mite and microorganism through intense heat. 

Recorded at 34m/s high speed, the mist doesn’t lose speed until it has exited the item, taking all unwanted dirty stuff with it. It is also able to penetrate leather and bed mattress, which are difficult to clean otherwise.

SUMJet cleans with a jetstream. Its gaseous nature means it can reach places where brushes and liquid spray cannot.

As effective as SUMJet touts its dry steam technology to be, it works out to be sustainable and affordable in the long run too. The appliance works without using any chemical solvents, making it non-toxic for humans/pets as well as the environment, and it uses just water to create dry steam, saving money in the long run too. Moreover, it works as both a sanitizer for rooms and furniture as well as a garment steamer/iron, fulfilling the role of TWO appliances. Each SUMJet ships with a user manual, a refill bottle to fill up your SUMJet, a protective glove so you can hold objects and spray them directly, and even a 1-year warranty on the SUMJet device. The SUMJet ships internationally and will come with a plug-point design and power specifications to match your region.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $219 (50% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left! Raised over $200,000.