This Apple Watch dock comes with a massive magnifying-glass, turning the watch screen into a time-telling crystal orb

The Apple Watch might just be the world’s tiniest bedside clock. That screen was designed to tell the time from a maximum of 2 feet away, so keeping it on your bedside table at night just really makes little sense when you need to lift it up and hold it against your face to read the time (a problem that gets compounded when you have poor eyesight as I do). It isn’t a really complicated problem, which is what makes the NightWatch dock so great, because it employs a really simple solution. The NightWatch is an Apple Watch dock that comes with a massive curved glass element on the front that magnifies its screen. Dock your watch behind the massive lens and it makes your watch-screen larger, enhancing its visibility manifold. Designed to turn your charging smartwatch into a much more efficient bedside clock, the NightWatch does more than just increase visibility… it enhances your watch’s audio too, amplifying it to make your alarm much more audible.

The NightWatch is a pretty simple accessory that enhances your Apple Watch’s abilities. It doesn’t come with its own charger, but will let you hook your watch’s charger into it. Once assembled, you can easily slide your Apple Watch into its unique design, and that calibrated glass lens on the front enlarges the screen like a magnifying glass would, making numbers much more visible when your watch is in Nightstand mode. It comes with a patented system that even lets you tap the glass surface to ‘wake’ up your Apple Watch’s display, so you can read the time clearly… and when your watch’s alarm begins ringing, special acoustic channels designed in the NightWatch dock’s base help amplify your watch’s audio, making that alarm much louder. The NightWatch, unfortunately, doesn’t have a snooze button, so you’ll need to pull the smartwatch out of its dock to stop or snooze your alarm!

Designer: NightWatch