A wall-mounted air-purifying radiator with easy touchscreen controls that will uplift your home interiors

Winters are fast approaching and it’s time we start thinking about keeping our homes warm. We take great care to make sure the home is ready for the chill, but we overlook the air quality indoors. This year, when we are spending a great deal of time indoors this is one factor we should not be neglecting. In that account, we need a radiator that also doubles as an air purifier – exactly what Italian designer Alessandro Stabile has conceived for kitchen appliance stalwart De’Longhi.

The designer has taken the scheme of this appliance very seriously and has fashioned it to be – easily wall mountable. Dubbed “Hygge”, it is according to the designer the world’s first wall-mounted air-purifying radiator. Aesthetically pleasing, the appliance can be integrated into any room in the house; it can instantly remove odors from the kitchen or offer comforting temperatures in the living room. The air purifying radiator when used in the bedroom can guarantee allergy sufferers a peaceful night’s sleep. Controlling the Hygge is as easy as it gets – a circular touchscreen panel on the top would allow you to effortlessly control the settings – like temperature and switching to air purification option with a simple click.

Hygge lives up to its Danish meaning of “action associated with a sensation of comfort, safety, and coziness” and presents homeowners with a sense of happiness – with pure air and a cozy warm environment. The patented idea is an integral part of the De’Longhi Home Radiators 2020 and may be ready now to keep homes warm through the winters and the indoor air – pure, clean, and healthy to breathe. After all, that’s what we are craving for this winter stint, aren’t we?

Designer: Alessandro Stabile for De’Longhi