These Minimalist baton-shaped lamps come with magnetic wall mounts – like a modern reinterpretation of medieval torches

It was pretty common in medieval castles to have rooms and hallways with built-in torch sconces – wall-mounted metal holders designed for you to put your burning torch in, so it would light up the room or hallway. In its essence, the torch was like a portable lamp that also worked as an area light when docked into the torch holder. Gingko’s Smart Baton Light builds on that medieval interaction, giving it an incredibly modern, minimalist design refresh!

Designer: Paul Sun of Gingko Design

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The Smart Baton Light is essentially a baton-shaped lamp with a wooden base that you can carry around with you. Each baton, however, comes with a magnetic wall-mount, allowing you to attach the Smart Baton Light onto a wall when you don’t want to carry it – essentially transforming it from a handheld torch to a wall-light. The baton-shaped light comes with a Scandinavian-inspired design, boasting a simple cylindrical shape with a wooden grip, and a frosted acrylic diffuser on top that helps scatter the light.

It runs on an internal battery that can be periodically recharged, sports a nifty motion-sensor that can automatically activate the lamp in the dark, and is accompanied by a minimalist wooden wall-mount, that lets you easily attach the lamp to it using powerful rare-earth magnets. The minimalist mounts come with adhesive stickers on the back that allow you to attach them anywhere, and they can be screwed into the wall too, as a permanent fixture.

The lights provide a sophisticated, elegant way to illuminate your home. When mounted, they work as ambient area-lights that fill your room/hallway with a faint glow, and if you need a torch to carry to the next room, you can simply unplug a baton from its mount and carry it with you. The batons are magnetic too, which means you can even attach them to metallic surfaces like cupboards, fridges, or the side of your car. Their handy, portable design makes them perfect for the outdoors as well, and you can easily pack/store them in your suitcase or backpack, or carrying them in your car on a camping trip.

Although the Smart Baton Lights have a simple on-off button on the grip, they come with a built-in motion sensor too that works in the dark, activating the light for 15 seconds when you walk by. This clever little design detail means you never need to struggle to find the baton or feel around for the switchboard in the dark. Just walk by the Smart Baton Light and it automatically illuminates, casting a comforting warm glow to help you see in the dark. The motion-sensing Auto Mode can be disabled too if you want to simply control your Smart Baton Light using the simple On-Off Mode.

The Smart Baton Lights come with real wooden grips, offering a choice between darker walnut wood and lighter white ash wood. On the opposite end of the baton is a cylindrical diffuser made from frosted acrylic glass, with a 1W warm-white LED on the inside. An internal 500mAh battery gives the light 15-30 days of illumination (depending on your usage) and can be recharged using the USB cable provided along with the light. Each Smart Baton Light comes with a 2-year warranty, and ships internationally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $55.20 $69 (20% off with coupon code “GINGKO-YD”). Hurry, sale ends October 5th and for YD readers only!