Your Whole Wall is a Clock

A clock for not just any of your average time enthusiasts – check it out – full wall clock. Always what you’ve wanted, right? Forever? A clock that’s the size of your whole wall? No longer do you need to live in a bell tower to make this dream come true. No gargoyle dreams for you, buddy, no! All’s you need is the “Shadow Clock”, designed by Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen. With the Shadow Clock, all you’re time’s a whole-wall time show. Believe me when I say, full wall display.

It’s a lamp, but not a lamp. It’s a clock, but also sort of a lamp too, I suppose, if you’re into the whole categorization thing. From the light comes three different shadows of course: one each for hour, minute, and second hands of the clock.

Inside you’ll find a conventional halogen bulb and a quartz clock movement mechanism. Quite simple when it gets down to it.

Shadows adjusted at your will.

Designers: Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen





Shadow Clock by Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen