Acer ebii is a lightweight AI-enabled e-bike with 70 miles of range

One won’t expect budget-friendly PC, laptop and accessories maker, Acer to create an electric bike, but they’ve done so. Out of the blue, the Taiwan-based hardware and electronics company has stepped into an unrelated market that’s highly competitive.

The electric bike dubbed ebii is tailored for city commuting and its USP is an AI-powered control box that learns the users’ driving habits and conditions to toggle motor assistance and gear shifting patterns. Of course, there are other innovative features that’ll propel Acer’s e-bike to be a winning proposition.

Designer: Acer

According to Jerry Kao of Acer, “The all-new ebii delivers on our commitment to sustainability via technology and creative design, further driven by the desire to enhance user’s mobility and experiences.” Weighing just 35 pounds, the e-bike is lighter than other lucrative options on the market, making it ideal for urban living. Things like the battery status, powering on remotely, or toggling the driving modes can be monitored via the ebiiGO app – thus, giving the rider plenty of flexibility.

Acer ebii comes with collision detection sensors to prevent accidents and proximity unlocking features for locking the e-bike whenever you are far away and unlocking it again when you are near proximity. There’s a radar sensor under the saddle to keep the rider aware of any vehicles approaching from behind. Built-in GPS tracker for coordinate tracking means the electric bike is safe from theft, as you can lock it remotely and access the current location.

The removable 460-Wh battery housed inside the control box can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, and Acer promises a range of around 70 miles on a single charge. When you are not driving around, the battery can double as a power bank for your power-hungry gadgets, now how cool is that? On the e-bike this battery feeds the 250-W motor which can be mated to the front-wheel drive system or installed on the rear – that’s another good feature riders will surely like. This motor churns out 40 Nm (29.5 lb.ft) of torque with the ability to provide pedal assist for up to 25 km/h in Europe and 20 mph in the United States. The e-bike can reach a top speed of 20 mph which is good.

E-bike’s lightweight aesthetics are attributed to the aluminum alloy frame leading to a translucent headlight section, taillights, and strip lighting for increased visibility. The headlights can automatically power on/off depending on the time of the day. Sustainability is a priority for Acer, hence, they’ve fitted 20-inch wheels encapsulated by 2.2-inch airless tires that are made out of closed-loop recyclable materials.

Acer ebii will come with optional accessories including fenders and a rear rack to extend the scope use even further. The price has not been confirmed yet, and neither has a release date been announced, but if Acer can keep the price competitive, the e-bike will lure buyers given its excellent features.