This Apple Mac Pro with modular hardware + minimal aesthetics matches Steve Job’s philosophy!

The 24-inch iMac is unlike any other iMac from Apple, focusing on slim design and processing power. While the funky colors it comes in and the M1 processor ups your productivity – it still has a big disadvantage. The home and family PC is not upgradable as far as hardware is concerned. For professionals who have to edit 4K or 8K videos, the machine is not upgradable once you buy even the highest configuration model – the 16GB RAM/2TB storage one. Simply put, the iMac has no scope for internal expansion and you have to rely on external accessories sitting outside the case if need be.

Designer Antonio De Rosa, who’s impressed us with his reimagined Apple products, now has another one that’s worth the shout-out. As he rightly says “Dreaming doesn’t cost anything.” This time around Antonio has thought of a modular Mac Pro which fuels the craving of professionals who are always tinkering around with their hunger for more hardware – the likes of GPU, RAM, USB-C ports, or SD card slots. While hardcore Apple fans will be divided on this modular Mac design’s subjectivity, it at least solves the purpose for people who want to experience an open-ended approach to hardware configuration. This concept Apple Silicon Mac Pro is kind of a hybrid design – it doesn’t sacrifice visual aesthetics as the expansion modules sit inside the casing, well within the machine’s footprint. A likely testament to Steve Jobs’ core idea of minimalism is design – both on the outside as well as inside.

Antonio brings a touch of classic Macintosh feel to it with the USB-C and SD card slot that looks like a floppy disk drive on the vertical front section. All the other essential ports including LAN, HDMI, USB, etc. are hidden on the back in a sleek manner. What attracted me to this radical design is its minimalist when viewed from the front, and the fact that it hides the expansion slots from plain sight, rather cleverly. So would you fancy such an Apple Silicon Mac Pro at the Apple WWDC 2021? I certainly would!

Designer: Antonio De Rosa