This modular desk system for offices creates plenty of different configurations by working just like scrabble!

Like it or not, for many of us, the spaces where we work affect the quality of our work. Whether you’re working on a personal film project for hours on end or endlessly typing in order to meet a deadline, our physical space affects our mental space. This can get a little tricky when we’re working in office spaces simply because there’s more to work with: more space, more furniture, more people. Shift Studio, a design firm based in Monterrey, Mexico devoted to holistic problem-solving, recently debuted a large-scale answer to office design woes, with their modular desk system for workspace environments.

Desko is an adaptive and modular workspace solution for today’s ever-changing and multi-functional offices. Desko’s “desking” system represents a low-SKU-based design, which means it comprises few variant parts, prioritizing a multitude of office arrangements over different single desk variations. Opting for a low-SKU-based design also means that Desko takes up less space in storage and requires fewer parts for assembly and setup. In order to accommodate offices of varying sizes from the small, one-room startup office to larger corporate buildings, Desko’s “desking” system can easily be reduced or added upon depending on an office’s needs. With the ability to acclimate to any given office setup, the makers at Shift Studio say, “The Desko ‘desking’ system is based on the availability of 12 SKUs that enable the creation of 500+ workspace solutions that range from simple desks, to telemarketing solutions, [and from] ‘L’ and ‘H’ shapes to conference tables and virtually any shape.”

In order to attach one table to another table, a removable support metal beam securely fastens one desk with another and so on. Since all the tables are quadrilateral in shape, they latch onto one another much like how we move around in tile-based video games. Each desk also caters to office electronics thanks to the built-in desk hole grommets that allow room for cables and wires to plug into nearby sockets. While the desks generally look pretty uniform, Shift Studio included different surface options to indulge those who prefer warmer wooden desks over glacial steel. These surface options range from prism white, light grey, dark grey, natural oak, urban ash, and imperial walnut. Assembly and setup for Desko won’t involve any drills, hammers, or screwdrivers – all you’ll need are your own two hands, a few nuts and bolts, and some help from coworkers.

Designer: Shift Studio