Meet the world’s most compact, mold-proof, and water-tight rolling shower screen!

It doesn’t need a rod or hooks like shower curtains, and it isn’t as fragile and expensive as those frosted glass shower doors/partitions.

JoyFous takes the existing shower curtain and gives it a much-needed design upgrade. Made for 3-walled bathtubs (where the 4th wall is usually occupied by a curtain), JoyFous is a nifty, slim, retractable screen that’s easy to pull out and retract before and after your bath. It’s a much more convenient alternative to the shower curtain that’s clumsy and doesn’t stop water from leaking out onto the bathroom floor… and it’s a whole lot cheaper than those frosted glass partitions, and it isn’t breakable or fragile too! Working much like retractable blinds that you pull downward, JoyFous operates sideways, creating a neat privacy-partition while you bathe or just laze in your bath-salts solution with some candles and bubbly… and its unique water-dam feature keeps the water inside your bathtub, so you don’t step out onto a soaking wet and slippery bathroom floor.

The JoyFous shower screen sits within a slim holder that gets vertically mounted on one of the three walls, and comes with a hook that you mount on the opposite wall. When you need privacy, just pull the retractable blind out and hook it in place and you’ve got yourself a neat, secluded bathing area that even ensures your bath-water doesn’t spill outside, keeping wet and dry areas separate. The fabric used in JoyFous is a triple-ply material that’s mildew-resistant, mold-proof, waterproof, and dust-repellant. Its retractable design means it covers a variety of sizes too, from bathtubs that are 53″ long to even 78″ inches long. It’s simple to use, hassle-free, easy to maintain, and much more affordable than those bulky, breakable frosted glass panels. Installing it is a breeze too, since the JoyFous can either be drilled or glued in place without requiring a carpenter or a plumber to help you out!

Designer: JoyFous

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JoyFous – Retractable Rolling Shower Screen

The JoyFous is the next generation of waterproof rolling shower screen for bathtubs that maximizes shower space while keeping your shower bacteria, mold, and mildew free.

Complete Wet-Dry Separation

Fully Retractable Design – With its smooth roll-out design, the JoyFous seals you into your own shower world in one easy pull. The JoyFous follows one clean line from wall to wall and you simply pull out the JoyFous screen and attach the handle to the opposite wall.

And when you’re not showering, the JoyFous is almost invisible. It fully retracts into its case in one smooth roll. Giving you back all the bathroom space you need for a clean, spacious bathroom. Without glass doors taking up space or wet curtains crowding the corner.

Seal-tight Threshold Water Dam – JoyFous creates a watertight seal that blocks water from escaping, even when you get carried away with the splashing, with a screen specially designed to withstand pressure even from powerful showerheads.

Silicone sealing strips lining the JoyFous’s frame mean water won’t escape through the cracks and onto your walls and floor.

Check out the watertight test.

And the JoyFous can stretch to fit any shower space. It runs from 53 to 78-inches, making it perfect for any three wall tub.

3 Layers of Mold-proof Materials

Fact – Studies show that in most homes, the shower curtain is the dirtiest thing in the bathroom, holding up to 60X more bacteria than the toilet seat.

The JoyFous rolling shower screen uses three layers of mildew resistant material to block mold and mildew from forming even after years of use. Watertight silicone coatings on either side of the screen block water molecules while allowing air to flow in, making them mildew-resistant, waterproof, and dust-repellant. Meanwhile, the screen’s core middle layer is made of a fiberglass fabric treated with the same waterproofing process used on outdoor camping gear.

And the JoyFous’s waterproof screen dries fast. So fast that it passed the rigorous SGS standard test for antibacterial materials, meaning you won’t have to wait ages for it to dry before putting it away.

Check the 30-day mold-proof test.

Odor-free & Skin Friendly

The JoyFous is made without any heavy metals, making it 100 percent skin friendly and safe for children.

Plus, the JoyFous won’t get bent out of shape. It uses two layers of soft, durable silicone wrapped around flexible fiberglass that bounces back into shape, making it more durable than glass shower doors, and stronger than flimsy shower curtains.

Easy to Install

Drill-free Installation – The easy glue installation is the perfect option to ensure a tight fit in any space — without damaging your wall. No tools are required for take down or install, so it comes out as easy as it goes in.

Secure Drill Installation – Even if your bathroom calls for an extra tight fit, the JoyFous’s simple drill installation option is completely DIY.

Removal Without Traces

For the glue installation, no tools are required for a takedown. The JoyFous shower screen comes out as easily as it goes in.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $169 (41% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $300,000.