This isolated cabin is perfect to contemplate the world that is returning to its old normal

Norway has always held a certain magical appeal for me, it’s the land where Northern Lights paint the skies, where the Troll Tunga seems to be a real relict from the days of old and the perfect place for this isolated cabin. With the United States recently declaring it’s okay for the residents who are completely vaccinated to be out and about without masks, the world sees hope, that the end to this covid era is finally drawing to a close. While this time has been of great change in all of us, whether or not we recognize it, returning back to the old normal is also a process that we need to acclimatize ourselves with.

The White House is the perfect example for an isolated cabin that would be the perfect setting for me to contemplate all the changes that we have faced over this past year. The designer Milad envisions this cabin to be based in Arendal, Norway and draws inspiration from the sea and the cabin between which it is nestled. The design starts with a horizontal line, running parallel to the sea and grows as the mountains do into a traditional A-frame cabin. The clean lines of the cabin and its stark white color provide a visual contrast to the surrounding mountains. The entrance of the house is through a bridge, with the walking process almost becoming a metaphorical journey, disconnecting the user from his troubles and interacting with their surroundings with each new perspective they see.

While a concept, the design transcends functionality, starting from and returning to the sea. We would love to see more details and interiors of the design and the view from the cabin that is sure to be stunning. While A-frame cabins are a staple of the architectural world, this modern, minimal cabin seems like a futuristic version we all love!

Designer: Milad Eshtiyaghi