Meet Apple Money gadget, Apple’s entry into the high-paced world of cryptocurrency mining + storage!

According to a research report by RBC Capital Markets, Apple’s market value could rise by almost 25 percent if it brings the cryptocurrency platform to its ecosystem. Given the Cupertino giant has an ultra-secure wallet app, the move could make the USA the global leader in crypto assets. This fact is further strengthened by the trust shown by Elon Musk in bitcoin, who bought $1.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency, shaking the future of digital money prospects. Apple has treaded with caution regarding digital currency, as they banned cryptocurrency wallets from App Store in 2014. However, they revised the decision as some faith in digital money was reclaimed and now allowed transactions with certain restrictions. For example, it is not allowed to mine cryptocurrencies on iPhones or to use an Apple Card credit card for any cryptocurrency purchases.

Now there are some rumors in the air that Apple could enter the cryptocurrency market fair and square. So how would the ecosystem look like if it were to happen? Creative director Antonio De Rosa gives our imagination wings with his ideation for Apple Money, the currency, and the electronic wallet that’ll make it all possible. The designer believes Apple Money will be available on the Apple Card+, scanned via the sleek gadget made out of aluminum, carrying the company’s signature design language. It’ll be connected to the Apple devices to create a mining ecosystem, one which is found in a decentralized family ecosystem. The device will be powered by the Apple Security Chip S2, capable of managing 27 assets and ERC20 tokens. Connected and approved devices will mine the digital money via a seamless app, keeping everything in the Apple ecosystem.

The Apple Money gadget will get a stylish cover in lively colors to match other Apple gadgets you already love. Antonio’s vision is reasonably practical with a product design to match the functionality. While we are not fans of the thickness of this device, the rumors about the newest M2 chip mean I can imagine this as a sleeker, slimmer version of itself. So would you actually want to have Apple Money in your arsenal in the near future?

Designer: Antonio De Rosa