Pure Oxygen Perfection

The healing properties of breathing pure oxygen in combination with expose to high atmospheric pressures are phenomenal & increase regeneration of damaged tissue through cell metabolism by up to 150%. The Oxygen Rehabilitation Apparatus is a cutting edge design in line with commercial hyperbaric systems to deliver oxygen as a form of medicine. Unlike the majority of existing breathing circuits, ORA utilizes a single adjustment mechanism & intelligent memory polymer to allow for a personalized fit & extended life cycle.

Designer: Bruce Walls


  • Jason says:

    Great project and design! I like the sketches

  • James says:

    Good to see someone finally designed the oxygen mask from avatar. Looks good though.

  • Kate Price says:

    Great to see that someone is considerate of a process which can be very uncomfortable for those having to undergo oxygen therapy, and come up with a design that helps to make the process a little more comfortable. Great job Bruce.

  • onelung says:

    “air” in lithuanian is “oras”

  • Jimmy C says:

    Simple, minimalistic, yet functional. Pretty good!

  • Benjamin says:

    the Ora logo is a bit of a copy from the Ora-Ito logo..
    overall a very nice design.

  • Kid says:

    In terms of aesthetic, this is beautiful. Great sketches, great presentation. To be honest, didn’t read into it. Doesn’t matter though…it looks awesome.

  • straight out of video game, this design reminds me of multiple futuristic video games

  • Bruce says:

    I can’t see any resemblance with the Ora-lto logo at all but thank you for your feedback.

  • ken says:

    I love the design, but where do the tubes go.

  • EchoMe says:

    avatar anybody? very close to the design in the movie

  • Donna Douglas says:

    I LOVE this idea. I have a terrible habit of removing those irritating nose plugs in my sleep-I wake up with them on my head like a head band. How much is this wonderful invention?

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