Bring your yard to life this summer with these inspirational furniture designs!

In these pandemic-stricken times, we find ourselves spending more and more time at home. However, sitting in the same old four walls of our bedroom can become quite boring, and sometimes the only fresh air we really get is when we step out into our yards. Although we shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, they can be locations of major fun, recreation, and relaxation…depending on how we do them up! Adding a few pieces of cozy and interesting outdoor furniture pieces can really transform our yards. From a multifunctional design that serves as a barbecue, sofa, and champagne bar to a throne-like hammock – we’ve curated a bunch of exciting furniture designs that will completely liven up your yard! You don’t need to step out of your home to have a good time now.

The Rocco multifunctional outdoor furniture by Moróro is a barbecue, a sofa, a champagne bar, and more! 2020 has been about creating intimate moments at home, and nothing says intimate like a cozy evening in your backyard! To take things up a notch, we have Rocco which is an all-rounder piece of outdoor furniture. Its clever design transforms it from a fun barbecue into a sofa or champagne bar and even a smores pit – I think it’s safe to say Rocco is an essential this year! You can add a fire bowl to the base or choose from various other accessories like a grill, tabletop, ice bucket, and parasol base. Customize Rocco to fit what you define as a chill evening.

It’s the season to do some barbecues and grills, and at such times I envy those who actually have one. Due to space constraints, not all of us can own it, and when innovations like The Domino Barbecue surface, it makes me wonder – why can’t they be real! I especially like the way designer Umit Can Koralay has cleverly incorporated a half-a-marble slab that serves as a cover for the grill when laid open, and as a prep/service area, when you’re grilling. The product functions as a barbecue grill, and a piece of furniture! There are two drawers under, one for charcoal storing and the other for cutlery.

The lounger, recliner, and couch have come of age – it’s the era to usher in better ways to sit… and feel like royalty. Thanks to the ‘Hammock Throne’, you can literally feel like that. One of the biggest problems with hammocks is that you need two trees (or poles) to hold them up, and typically they are placed outdoors. Even the home-swing doesn’t match up to the comfort of lazing in the comfortable embrace of a hammock. Folks at Yellow Leaf are solving for this, by giving us the Hammock Throne. Kind of an indoor/outdoor hammock chair; this full-body contraption features a 360° swivel thanks to the anchor base.

The inspiration for this model came from the fact that there was nothing in the market that was sleek or modern enough to go with the interiors of today’s houses and that is how the MDK9 Dog Haus came to be – no more hiding the kennel in your backyard! This dog house is your pet’s dream house, it’s crafted with Brazilian teak wood responsible for the classy look which rests on a powder-coated steel frame so it’s sturdy. To make it long-lasting, the base of the dog house is made from concrete which also adds to the existing strong structure.

The Bigfoot Table comes handcrafted out of Western Red Cedar wood with a built-in lightweight stainless steel endoskeleton to provide it with its strength. Right in the center of the table lies an opening that reveals a rectangular fireplace built right into the tabletop. The fireplace is supplied with fuel using a propane canister that can be placed in the hollow space below and comes with a metal outer casing to protect the wood from getting burnt. Scattered within the fireplace pit are faux-stones that help create a truly remarkable burning surface that’s perfect for roasting smores on, and the fire can be ignited electrically with a simple push of a button and even regulated with the turn of a knob.



I’m assuming you’ve grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, or other types of plants in your garden. However, my friend, I can wager that you’ve never grown ready-made furniture in your backyard! It takes some level of expertise though, but Gavin Munro seems to have mastered his hand at growing trees/plants into chairs, lanterns, and sculptural art pieces that can just be harvested and put to use. Each tree uses an armature that gives it its shape. Branches are sliced and grafted to form unbelievable-looking contours and joints that make the products what they are.

The SwingTables are a super cute and comfy piece of outdoor furniture for your backyard! They’re essentially tables equipped with swings. So instead of on boring old chairs, you can sit on the swings, and have a chat or meal with family and friends. I wouldn’t mind one of these in my backyard!

Created by DeiCoon Design, this bench has been integrated with a planter! It’s the perfect combination of furniture meets nature. You can add these benches to your yard, and have your favorite plants growing right out of them. Interesting, no?

Patricia Urquiola designed The Swing Chair for Louis Vuitton! The chair has been inspired by LV’s handbags. Two leather-covered metallic handles hold and support a woven mesh and it instantly makes you think of a handbag. It’s a sophisticated piece of furniture that would look lovely in your backyard or balcony!

Joe Mortell designed “Peppermint Gardens”. And, honestly, if my backyard looked anything like this haven, I would never leave it! What do you think, would you want to remodel your backyard to look something like this?