This intelligent knee brace uses AI to give you the right support you need, avoiding knee pain!

Knee braces are worn by the likes of everyone from the professional athlete to the casual power walker. Built with materials ranging from metal to foam, they’re specifically designed to brace your knee upon impact. While most of us have worn a knee brace once or twice, we all wear them for different reasons. The professional basketball player might be nursing an injury, while the occasional jogger wears a knee brace to avoid any possible injury. Recognizing all the different needs we have for wearing a knee brace, C-Exoskeleton created a knee brace called E-Knee that adapts to each individual knee through the integration of smart technology.

Conceived by a self-proclaimed “group of sporty geeks who are dedicated to exoskeleton technology and addicted to robots and Cyberpunk,” E-Knee was created by C-Exoskeleton upon realizing that most knee braces in circulation today do not incorporate auto-adjustments or auto-binding, instead, the elastic knee braces wrap knees either too loosely or too tightly. Designed in the image of Cyberpunk, E-Knee’s support elements, such as gyroscope and airbags, remained exposed and exaggerated with colorful displays. Offering real-time support, each component of E-Knee works to register when and where support is needed and decipher how best to deliver that support.

The knee brace’s gyroscope, a device used to measure and maintain orientation and angular velocity, detects measurable motion, indicating to the built-in ARM chip to tell the micro compressors to pressurize E-Knee’s airbags, tightening its wrap around the knee for support. Based on the different sports you play while wearing E-Knee, the different pressure needed to remain comfortable during physical activity is recorded and saved to the knee brace for future adjustments. Depending on the activity and the amount of physical exertion required, E-Knee will tighten or loosen its grip around the knee, adapting to the level of intensity and the user’s needs.

Regardless of your weight or build, E-Knee delivers the correct fit for your knee through the breathable fabric used to make a knee brace. The knee brace itself is crafted from highly elastic, breathable fabric that molds to your individual knee, with support bars and a gel pad for extra cushioning. The main control box, with a built-in ARM chip, flexible airbags, and air tubes all work together to tighten or deflate E-Knee’s wrap around the knee to deliver the best support in real-time.

Designer: C-Exoskeleton

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E-Knee: Your Customized Intelligent Knee Support Solution

We all have different knees and needs, so why is it that all kneepads are the same? E-Knee is a new way to get just the right amount of pressure with the help of Artificial Intelligence, micro-airbags, and customizable compression. Designed with breathable fabric, E-Knee easily slides up any knee and turns on with the push of a button.

3 features that set E-Knee Apart

Real-Time Support – When the gyroscope detects powerful motion, the built-in ARM chip will tell the micro compressors to pressurize airbags based on different levels of pressure and motion, all in real-time. E-Knee gives dynamic support where and when you need it.

Auto-Adjustments – E-Knee detects different levels of air pressure based on initial tightness and saves the data for the next time. Three preloaded profiles offer the right support in any situation: rest (sitting down), low-intensity (jogging for example), and high-intensity (basketball for example).

Custom Size – E-Knee offers the right fit regardless of your build. The breathable fabric stretches around your leg without restricting your motion while staying firmly in place.

To charge E-Knee, users only need to plug the control box with a built-in ARM chip into it’s charging cable.

E-Knee can be worn to play a wide array of physically demanding sports, from running to CrossFit.

E-Knee is the ideal companion even for the casual hike as it adjusts to changing physical demands.

Following multiple ideations, C-Exoskeleton found E-Knee’s winning design in one that merges Cyberpunk aesthetics with traditional knee brace familiarity.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $253 (49% off). Raised over $176,006. Only 72 hours to go!