This intuitive clock merges with your calendar to showcase daily tasks, enhancing WFH productivity

In the digital-dominated world, we all are accustomed to keeping our reminders on calendar apps on the smartphone or PC. Be it a reminder for an important meeting on weekend or something as simple as a reminder to hit the gym for at least half an hour every single day. Keeping it on your productivity management apps is the best way to make the most out of your time, and also schedule important tasks in the future. That said, this clock by Industrial Craft blends the age-old routine of timekeeping with keeping tab of all the important tasks in the day in a completely new format.

Christened the Sydra (after the ancient world’s accurate timekeeping device – Clepsydra) wall clock, the design needs to be lauded for its simplicity with the intuitive implementation of scheduling the day to make the most out of time. Imagine this on the wall of home office setup as you glance over to have a look at your current ongoing task and the next one on the list… as the clock ticks them away. The hour hand seems like a constant reminder, sweeping the daily events as you planned them out.

The wall clock a functional piece of décor that doubles as a clock and planner you’ll cherish having on the wall of your productivity den. The clock syncs with any calendar app on your smartphone or PC. It can even sync multiple calendars for family members. Any dynamic changes made on your digital device reflect in real-time on the clock. Additionally, changes can also be made physically on the clock with the click wheel bezel. The whole idea of visualizing the tasks with the realization of ticking time is worth the appreciation without any doubt!

Designer: Industrial Craft