Upgrade your backyard barbecues with this personal fireplace table!


Designed around aspects of togetherness, community, and just coexisting with each other and with nature in harmony, the Bigfoot Fire Table is sort of a symbol of everything we’ve needed since this pandemic hit. A combination of a dinner table and a campfire, two icons of togetherness and communion, the Bigfoot brings the outdoor campfire experience to your backyard, allowing you, your family, and friends to gather together for joy, warmth, campfire music, and perhaps a few toasted marshmallows!

The Bigfoot Table comes handcrafted out of Western Red Cedar wood with a built-in lightweight stainless steel endoskeleton to provide it with its strength. Right in the center of the table lies an opening that reveals a rectangular fireplace built right into the tabletop. The fireplace is supplied with fuel using a propane canister that can be placed in the hollow-space below, and comes with a metal outer-casing to protect the wood from getting burnt. Scattered within the fireplace pit are faux-stones that help create a truly remarkable burning surface that’s perfect for roasting smores on, and the fire can be ignited electrically with a simple push of a button and even regulated with the turn of a knob. The fireplace cover is even designed to be reversed, with a game of Mancala integrated into its flip-side – with the ability to use the firestones as game pieces!

The table’s outdoor-ready design is perfect for all sorts of gatherings and get-togethers. The fireplace comes with a wooden cover that transforms the table into a regular one, allowing you to have garden-dinners and lay out massive spreads. If you do happen to have more guests over than your table can accommodate, extenders on either side help the table expand length-wise to add a few more people in. In fact, the brackets at the four corners of the table that hold the extensions have bottle-openers custom-built right into them, so you can always crack open a cold beer on the side of the table whenever you need!

Built explicitly for the outdoors, the Bigfoot comes absolutely ready for the elements. The table’s cedarwood is manually charred using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban process to help preserve it better, making it resistant to fire, pests, molds, mildew, and inclement weather. The charring is a long-drawn process, but it helps increase the table’s lifespan by 80-100 years. For windy days, the fireplace in the center of the table comes with a collapsible windscreen to make sure the fire’s always burning, the drinks are always flowing, and the best times with the best people are always cherished for decades to come!

Designer: Mike Verharen

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Bigfoot Fire Table

The Bigfoot Fire Table is an outdoor coffee table that with a click transforms into a warm campfire. It is hand made in the Pacific Northwest using tight knot Western Red Cedar built on a strong and lightweight stainless steel endoskeleton.

The Bigfoot Fire Table has modern lines and minimalistic styling that goes with any decor. The stainless steel burner is powered by your onboard 20 gallon BBQ propane tank or natural gas.

Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi is an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood by charring it to make it more fire, pest, and weather resistant. It’s labor intensive but well worth it. It is said to last 80-100 years and longer still if refinished with oil every 10-15 years.

Take a Look Under the Wood

The new Bigfoot Fire Table has all custom-made stainless steel interior structural components and a modern push button piezoelectric ignition system with variable flame intensity and thermocouple shut off. It is built to follow the ANSI standards of an outdoor gas appliance so it will be welcome anywhere a patio heater is.

River of Fire

All cast stones with a specialized refractory cement

It would be great to use real river rock – however, natural rock can explode in high heat due to internal pockets of moisture. Each of the stones used in the Bigfoot are hand picked from a beach on an island in the Northwest, molded and cast with a specialized refractory cement. The fire pans are made with stainless steel and treated to mimic an oil-rubbed bronze that looks great with the Shou Sugi Ban and hides the flame staining that plagues most stainless fire pits.

The Plank

This simple piece of real cedar has three important jobs for Bigfoot Fire Table:

Burner Cover: When not using the fire, it’s a place for food, drinks, flowers, books, computers, cards – you get the idea.

Game Board: Flip the plank over to play Mancala. The river rock stones make great playing pieces.

Table Extender: Arms slide out of the table to extend either or both ends. With embedded magnets, the cedar plank cover/game board does triple duty as a table top extender. The expandable top can accommodate larger groups and keeps food and drinks away from the heat. With two planks in use, the table can expand to nearly 5 feet – plenty of room for everyone! Only one plank included per table.


Each Bigfoot Fire Table comes with a stainless steel custom collapsable windscreen which is a must in breezy environments. Mt Rainer and the Olympic mountains frame the river of fire with a Bigfoot view into the heart of the Volcano.

Slide Out Tank Tray

The unique stainless steel tank tray slides out and down to make swapping out the propane tank a breeze. The cedar access door is disguised as a solid panel and detaches with a click using embedded magnets. The natural gas version does not include the tank tray. Also, there are four built-in bottle openers!

One Size That Fits All

The Bigfoot Fire table takes up very little space with dimensions of 42 inches by 25 inches and is 23 inches high. Its compact size means it’s great for urban decks, outdoor great rooms and anywhere else people want to gather outside. Scatter a few Bigfoot around the property for your wedding or outdoor restaurant.

Click Here to Buy Now: $895 $2,095 ($1,200 off). Hurry, only 2 left!