The Domino Barbecue transforms in a jiffy from outdoor furniture to a grill

It’s the season to do some barbecues and grills, and at such times I envy those who actually have one. Due to space constraints not all of us can own it, and when innovations like The Domino Barbecue surface, it makes me wonder – why can’t they be real! I especially like the way designer Umit Can Koralay has cleverly incorporated half-a-marble slab that serves as a cover for the grill when laid open, and as a prep / service area, when you’re grilling.

There are two drawers under, one for charcoal storing and the other for cutlery. A simple concept that works well for most folks with small spaces.

Designer: Umit Can Koralay

“Top surface is split into two blocks that gives the product its name domino. The marble block can be folded which uncovers the grill underneath. The folded marble surface can be used for food preparation & serving during barbecue,” Umit Can Koralay explains to YD.